Good Times At Festival Village

Good Times At Festival Village

By McD – Next week kicks off the 3rd and final Winter Dew Tour stop with the Toyota Championship at Mount Snow, VT. With all the excitement surrounding the close races for the Dew Cups, it’s always nice to take a break from the tension and revisit the lighter side of the Winter Dew Tour.

When the fans aren’t lining up around the Superpipe and Slopeystyle courses to snag a glimpse big airs and huge spinners, they are kickin’ it down in Festival Village. You might wonder what happens down at festival village, the answer…. a whole lotta stuff.
From Thursday – Sunday, Festival Village has tons of entertainment to keep you busy for Hours.
Here are just a few things you can do. And if you still need more convincing check out this video from Snowbasin

Festival Village from AlliSports on Vimeo.

Matador – Do you rodeo? Ok, it’s not a real bull, but these mechanical bulls are just as fun.

Nike 6.0 – See what all the pros are wearing these days. Also, keep your eye on the schedule because the 6.0 athletes (Jossi Wells, TJ Schiller, Sammy Carlson, Simon Dumont, Andreas Haveit) stop by when they have a minute and say hi.

Wendy’s – Maybe you didn’t make it to the slopes to get some shredding in. Fear not, test your riding skills on UBISOFT’s Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage, only in the Wendy’s tent

Dew Underground – Our friends at Fuel.TV are always busy filming something. Stop by and see how it all comes together. Don’t’ forget to snag some free Mountain Dew. Say the secret password = “throwback” and get yourself hooked up with the throwbacks (real sugar!). It’s like Heaven on Earth.

Verizon Wireless – “Can you hear me now?” ATHLETE SIGNINGS…ATHLETES SIGNINGS. Also, be sure to check out the Droid, and/or create your own snowboard design. So many things to do and twice the amount of fun. Thanks VzW!

PowerBar – Ok, maybe you aren’t stomping double corks all day, but hey, walking up and down the to the course can have you running on empty pretty quick. PowerBar to the rescue. Swing by the tent and get your fix. Ask for Strawberry Gel Blast , you won’t be disappointed.

CoreUPT – Wanna see what some of your favorite Winter Dew Tour Athletes are riding these days? Check out the CoreUPT tent. Be sure to also peep TJ Schiller’s Freestyleskis, awesome design.

Totino’s – Two words, HOT PIZZA. Two more words, NO WAITING! Stroll through the Totino’s tent snag as many bite size delicious pizza snacks as your heart desires.

Paul Mitchell – Got a kink in your neck that needs a little attention, Paul Mitchell’s got the solution… massages. Now that’s a good idea.

Toyota – Who likes spinning a wheel and potentially walking away with a free pair of Oakley’s, cause that is definitely an option at the Toyota tent. Don’t forget to climb all through the SUV on display, it’s super fun.

All this and more happens at the friendliest part of Winter Dew, Festival Village. If you find yourself at Mount Snow next weekend, be sure come by and check out the actions.

Good Times At Festival Village
PHOTO GALLERY: Festival Village at Snowbasin

Hello beautiful Festival Village.  Doesn't get any better looking than thisVerison Wireless always with a strong presense at the Winter Dew Tour events.  Tom Wallisch dropped by on Sunday for a signing.Nike 6.0 actually has red ropes.  Yeah, They're kinda a big dealWendy's Tent: Hey Winter Dew meet the Yette the Toyota mascotThe yette dance?Who wants to win a car?People getting in line.  Yes, the 6.0 athletes are inside.Hello Dew Underground LadeisSunday afternoon.  Everyone must be at FinalsMeet Waldo, the protecter of Festival Village

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