Freeskier Russ Henshaw Was Dialed in Slope Prelims

Big spins, technical skill and innate style from the international skiers stole the show today at the men’s Freeki Slopestyle Prelims.

Russ Henshaw took home a win for Australia with a first place score of 88.33. Henshaw’s winning run included a right side 900 with a Japan grab, a switch double flip 900 and a double cork 1080. Norway’s Aleksander Aurdal finished second and Henrik Harlaut made his home country of Sweden proud with a third place finish.

The top 9 finishers will join prequalified athletes Alexis Godbout, Bobby Brown and Sammy Carlson (the top three finishers based off Nike 6.0 Open rankings) in Sunday’s ski slopestyle Final – LIVE on NBC from 4-6pm EST.
1. Russ Henshaw             88.33
2. Aleksander Aurdal     87.83
3. Henrik Harlaut             86.33
4. Nick Goepper               86.00
5. Jf Houle                          85.17
6. Andreas Hatveit          85.00
7. Elias Ambuhl                83.17
8. McRae Williams           82.67
9. Alex Schlopy                81.00

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