Freeski: USSA Ranking Round-Up

This year’s Dew Tour iON Mountain Championship was filled with thrills, spills, battles with weather and unfortunate athletes who could not compete due to those aforementioned spills. There was added fuel to the competitive fire as the Dew Tour was the first of five stops to earn valuable USSA standings points. Obviously you want to podium to make your chances of competing in Sochi easier, but fortunately USSA gives points to all competitors, regardless of where they landed on the leaderboard.

Women’s Freeski Halfpipe

Freeski: USSA Ranking Round Up

Maddie Bowman

Maddie Bowman’s mother revealed that she was a “crash machine” leading up to the Dew Tour, but the 19-year-old was able to shrug it off and be the first to secure the elusive 100 points and inch closer to competing for the U.S. in Sochi when freeski halfpipe makes its debut.

Freeski: USSA Ranking Round Up

Angeli VanLaanen

One of the most intriguing athletes competing in Breckenridge was Angeli VanLaanen, who has returned to competition after a two-and-a-half-year sabbatical from the circuit dealing with Lyme disease. Now in remission, VanLaanen is a true Cinderella story, reaching the podium, coming in second place and securing 80 points.

Devin Logan has been in the spotlight ever since she revealed she was going to attempt to make two teams – halfpipe and slopestyle (see below). In the halfpipe, Logan came in fourth and took away 50 points. It wasn’t the position she hoped for, making her now work harder to reach her double-gold goal, but if her laser focus this past weekend is any sign of what’s to come from the Dover, Vt., native, she’ll be climbing the standings list in the upcoming qualifiers.

Thirteen of the American freeski halfpipe competitors came away with qualifying points, ranging from 20-100 points.

Current USSA Standings

1. Maddie Bowman, 100 points
2. Angeli VanLaanen, 80 points
3. Brita Sigourney, 60 points
4. Devin Logan, 50 points
5. Annalisa Drew, 45 points
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Women’s Freeski Slopestyle

This year’s Dew Tour could have been renamed the Dev Tour, as in Devin Logan.

Freeski: USSA Ranking Round Up

Devin Logan

The 20-year-old was one of several crossover athletes going for double Dew Cups, appearing in both finals, but the only one who stood atop the podium, in freeski slopestyle. In addition to leaving Breckenridge with a Dew Cup, she also left as the top women’s slopestyle rider, earning 100 Olympic qualifying points.

This tough-as-nails Park City resident has the focus to stay on top of the USSA leaderboard and is on pace to represent the U.S. in Sochi. The only question that remains is how many disciplines will she qualify for?

Keri Herman may have lost some sponsors because of her age, but the Breckenridge native showed them who’s sponsor-worthy as the 31-year-old earned a top four finish and 60 qualifying points in front of her home crowd.

Freeski: USSA Ranking Round Up

Maggie Voisin

With every Olympics, there’s that one teen darling everyone gravitates to. After this weekend in Breckenridge, keep an eye on Maggie Voisin. The Montana native became eligible for Sochi when she turned 15 on Saturday. Not only was her birthday a cause for celebration, but Voisin took third place overall in slopestyle and is second in qualifying points.

Grete Eliassen had a spill in the qualifying round which caused her to crack her helmet and not take a second run. Eliassen’s rule is if she breaks a helmet she stops for the day. Currently last in the standings for slopestyle, the 27-year-old will need to reinforce that helmet if she wants to start climbing that leaderboard. Next up is Copper, which she said she’ll be competing in.

Ashley Battersby had a nasty spill too, which required immediate medical attention. However, her first run in the final was good enough to give her that much sought after fourth spot, giving her a leg up on her teammates heading into the upcoming Grand Prix events.

Current USSA Standings

1. Devin Logan, 100 points
2. Maggie Voisin, 80 points
3. Keri Herman, 60 points
4. Ashley Battersby, 50 points
5. Julia Krass, 45 points
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Men’s Freeski Halfpipe

Freeski: USSA Ranking Round Up

Torin Yater-Wallace

Heading into the final round of the men’s freeski superpipe, everyone was expecting to see manchild Torin Yater-Wallace replicate his qualifying round domination. Due to an unfortunate accident during training, he, along with close friend Simon Dumont – also due to a training accident – did not start, putting them behind the eight ball to qualify for Sochi.

Freeski: USSA Ranking Round Up

David Wise

With 100 points – freeski is based on a 100-point scale opposed to 1000 for snowboarding – waiting in the literal wind, David Wise came through in a nerve-wracking final round. With favorites Yater-Wallace and Dumont sidelined, up-and-comers Aaron Blunck and Lyman Currier siezed the opportunity and took their first step at making the Olympics.

Gus Kenworthy’s first attempt at reaching a top four finish did not come to fruition, coming away in eighth place on the points list, making his dream of competing in two disciplines in the Olympics that much harder.

This event was also important for Canadian Mike Riddle, who despite being knocked off the podium, qualified for Sochi. He’s going to use the remaining competitions to dial in his run that he already has planned for February.

Current USSA Standings

1. David Wise, 100 points
2. Aaron Blunck, 80 points
3. Lyman Currier, 60 points
4. Kyle Smaine, 50 points
5. Taylor Seaton, 45 points
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Men’s Freeski Slopestyle

There was a lot on the line for the Americans heading into the men’s freeski slopestyle final. Not just a Dew Cup, a free watch and a viking helmet, but 100 points and a top four finish to get themselves closer to competing in Sochi.

Freeski: USSA Ranking Round Up

Nick Goepper

With a stacked start list, it was anyone’s victory. Of the favorites to represent the U.S. in February, it was once again Nick “who needs ski poles” Goepper who stood tall atop the podium and earned the 100 qualifying points. He may have been the only American on the podium – Breck’s own Bobby Brown finished fourth overall after an epic rollercoaster final round – but with regards to qualifying for Team USA, the international athletes get taken out of the equation. That moved Brown up to number two, followed by Tom Wallisch and Alex Schlopy.

Freeski: USSA Ranking Round Up

Bobby Brown

Gus Kenworthy’s Dew Tour experience was not what he hoped for. After being on the bubble leading into each final – halfpipe and slopestyle – he couldn’t perform under the added pressure and is now on the bubble of the USSA standings list.

Current USSA Standings

1. Nick Goepper, 100 points
2. Bobby Brown, 80 points
3. Tom Wallisch, 60 points
4. Alex Schlopy, 50 points
5. Joss Christensen, 45 points
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