(Photo above: Yuto Totsuka)

Here are the winning snowboard slopestyle and Halfpipe runs from the FIS Utah World Championships 2019.
Photos by Rob Mathis

Men’s Slopestyle

1.) Chris Corning
2.) Mark McMorris
3.) Judd Henkes

Chris Corning

Mark McMorris

Judd Henkes

Women’s Slopestyle

JamieAnderson_ WorldChampionships_ParkCity_2019_Mathis 7634

1.) Zoi Sadowski-Synnott
2.) Silje Norendal
3.) Jamie Anderson

Zoi Sadowski

Silje Norendal

Jamie Anderson

Men’s Halfpipe

YutoTotsuka_ WorldChampionships_ParkCity_2019_Mathis 6378

1.) Scotty James
2.) Yuto Totsuka
3.) Patrick Burgener

Scotty James

Yuto Totsuka

Patrick Burgener

Women’s Halfpipe

ChloeKim_ WorldChampionships_ParkCity_2019_Mathis 6369

1.) Chloe Kim
2.) Cai Xuetong
3.) Maddie Mastro

Chloe Kim

Cai Xuetong

Maddie Mastro

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