FIS World Championships 2019 Ski Slopestyle and Halfpipe Winning Runs

Here are the winning ski slopestyle and Halfpipe runs from the FIS Utah World Championships 2019.

Men’s Slopestyle

JamesWoods_WorldChampionships 1310680

1.) James Woods
2.) Birk Rudd
3.) Nicholas Goepper

James Woods

Birk Rudd

Nicholas Goepper

Women’s Slopestyle

Canceled due to weather.

Men’s Halfpipe

1.) Aaron Blunck
2.) Kevin Rolland
3.) Noah Bowman

Aaron Blunck

Kevin Rolland

Noah Bowman

Women’s Halfpipe

BritaSigourneyCassieSharpe_Podium_WorldChampionships 2603

1.) Kelly Sildaru
2.) Cassie Sharpe
3.) Brita Sigourney

Kelly Sildaru

Cassie Sharpe

Brita Sigourney

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