FIS Snowboard Mammoth Grand Prix 2019 Winning Runs

FIS held another round of snowboard slopestyle and halfpipe competitions at the Mammoth Grand Prix 2019. Although the weather conditions were subpar all snowboard athletes were able to complete their runs. Scroll below to watch the winning runs from the men’s and women’s snowboard competitions.

Men’s Slopestyle

1.) Red Gerard, 85.10
2.) Judd Henkes, 83.95
3.) Ruki Tobita, 80.50

Red Gerard

Judd Henkes

Ruki Tobita

Women’s Halfpipe

1.) Cai Xuetong, 89.25
2.) Sena Tomita, 85.25
3.) Verena Rohrer, 77.00

Cai Xuetong

Sena Tomita

Verena Rohrer

Men’s Halfpipe

1.) Yuto Totsuka, 95.75
2.) Patrick Burgener, 91.75
3.) Derek Livingston, 86.00

Yuto Totsuka

Patrick Burgener

Derek Livingston

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