Finals Set for Skate Park

It’s hard enough to win one round of qualifying, let alone two. But that’s just what Bastien Salabanzi did today. After tying for the top score in the skate park prelims yesterday, Salabanzi landed an astounding 12 consecutive tricks to claim the lead in the standings once again in Saturday’s semifinals.

Bastien Salabanzi
Bastien Salabanzi

With 31 skaters looking to fill only 10 spots to move on to the impending finals, the competition was fierce.

Boston locals Jereme Rogers and Eli Reed both advanced with ease, while Ryan Sheckler’s return to the Dew Tour marked a return to the finals as well.

Can Salabanzi do the impossible and win three rounds of competition and the Skate Open, ISF Skateboarding World Championships along the way? Only time, and the skate park finals at 7:45pm, will tell.


1. Bastien Salabanzi, 84.00
2. Jereme Rogers, 81.25
3. Eli Reed, 80.50
4. Ryan Decenzo, 79.75
5. Greg Lutzka, 79.50

To see where the rest of the field netted out, click over here.

Oh, and if you’re not in Boston but still want to watch the skate park finals, head here, where we’ll be broadcasting them LIVE.

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