Photos by: Mike Yoshida & George Crosland

Fresh snow graced Dew Tour Breckenridge for day two of qualifier events, and men’s snowboard superpipe started things off in the white stuff. However, new snow means new conditions. The superpose riders could feel and see the difference, with slightly slower speeds and less visibility due to higher snows. The result, anything but anticipated.

To start things off we saw a seemingly new trend of less straight airs to start off rider runs. Still, staples of the superpose community maintained their opening hits such as Ayumu Hirano and Shaun White. Ayumu, for example, sent the highest air of the qualifier with a backside indy that started off one of the cleanest runs where he landed each trick high on the wall for maximum pump through the transition.

White, however, saw a different result. Following incredible opening methods around the 25’ mark, White had difficulty lower down the pipe. On his first run, he seemed to have linked together a run strong enough to qualify first, but on his final hit he went for what has become his signature closing trick of a double McTwist. Unfortunately he scrubbed the landing. White then had a fall on his third hit during his second run, which resulted him a non-advancing position. White will be missed in the final.

As for the top qualifiers, it was a total Ferg Fest. The brothers Ferguson, Ben and Gabe, dropped in back-to-back in their qualifying runs, which resulted in Ben qualifying first and Gabe third. Ben’s best run included; a giant air to fakie, switch 1080 double cork, a double crippler, backside 360, a switch McTwist, switch double backflip to forward also known as a double B-roll. The second place qualifier was Jake Pates. Pates pulled two full pulls with his second run slightly bumping his score higher. Pates was one of the first riders of the day to throw a double Michalchuk, which seems to be on trend this season with a lot of riders working it into their runs.

Other notable mentions from qualifiers include Danny Davis, Louie Vito, Iouri Podlatchikov and Ryan Wachendorfer. Davis qualified ninth with his first run and on his second run attempted a McTwist upward of 20’ that nearly resulted in a deadly deck check. Somehow he squeaked into the transition and rode straight down. Vito, in contrast, did not find his way back into the transition as he hit the deck on both runs while attempting a cab double cork 1080 on his second hit. Iouri–the 2014 Sochi Games gold medalists–found a fifth place qualifying position by way of smooth runs and a backside rodeo straight into an alley-oop rodeo. Wachendorfer may be a name you are not yet familiar with but, due to White not finding his way into the final as the last person to drop in, he did sneak his way into the final.

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Men’s Snowboard Superpipe Results
1.) Ben Ferguson (USA) 83.33
2.) Jake Pates (USA) 81.66
3.) Gabe Ferguson (USA) 78.33
4.) Scotty James (AUS) 76.33
5.) Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI) 73.66
6.) Ayumu Hirano (JPN) 73.00
7.) Greg Bretz (USA) 72.00
8.) Chase Josey (USA) 65.00
9.)  Danny Davis (USA) 63.33
10.) Markus Malin (FIN)  60.00
11.) Jan Scherrer (SUI) 53.33
12.) Ryan Wachendorfer (USA) 50.00

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