Eric Beauchemin Wins Inaugural Snowboard Streetstyle

The Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships has broken ground on many levels this week in Breckenridge, Colorado. From hosting a film night in the town to putting on a Big Air competition under bright lights, Dew Tour broke ground in many ways this week; but what is quite possibly the most innovative addition to the lineup is the new Snowboard Streetstyle event hosted in the town at night.

Watch highlights from the Nike Snowboard Streetstyle contest

Complete with a trailer truck drop-in, a Toyota van to jib on and off of and multiple dumpsters to grind, wallrides to hit, cement street barriers to slide and kickers to launch off around each obstacle – the new Snowboarding Streetstyle event offered a new style of riding that represents true riding in the streets.

The streetstyle event format consisted of a 30-minute organized jam with thirteen riders taking turns on the unique course being judged on their overall impression.

Eric Beauchemin ultimately scored the highest from the thirteen-man jam with tricks like a half cab 360 onto the down barrier, back 270 to 270 out on the barrier as well as a variety of grinds across the long dumpster at the end of the course.

Eric Beauchemin Wins Inaugural Snowboard Streetstyle

Eric Beauchemin

“I’ve never done anything like this, features in the streets of Breckenridge… it was fun. My favorite feature was the wallride,” said Beauchemin still taking in his win.

If crowd turnout and overall atmosphere are any indicator of an events success, this new streetstyle discipline will be remembered and return to the Dew Tour as a flagship competition for fun and creativity!

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Eric Beauchemin Wins Inaugural Snowboard Streetstyle


1st Place – Eric Beauchemin

2nd Place – Jamie Nichols

3rd Place – Sam Hulbert

4th Place – Dash Kemp

5th Place – Austin Hein

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