(Photo above: Elena Hight and Louie Vito making their way down the morning golden light. Photo: Durso)

First tracks at Breckenridge feels like thousands of crunchy vibrations working through the body from the feet up, but the snow itself feels like something entirely different.

“Silky smooth,” said Elena Hight. “That’s how I would describe the fresh snow. It is really good right now, a great start to the season.”

At just 9:05am it was time for the first break. After an hour and a half of riding nonstop without lines, the morning glow had already changed and to mountain light. The chairlifts were officially open to the public.

“That was my first time,” Louie Vito admitted, when asked about getting first tracks at Breckenridge. “With nobody out there you get the fresh groomer, great snow and you can rally without having to worry about anyone else on the run. You can freely layout nice turns on fresh corduroy.”

Toyota_first_tracks_Elena_and_louie_dew_tour_breckenridge_durso 4
Elena Hight and Louie Vito strapped in and ready to hit fresh cords. Photo: Durso

The rest of the day for Hight and Vito was already planned around the Modified Superpipe event and autograph signings in the Toyota booth at the Dew Tour experience. Although it meant getting out of bed and onto the hill before breakfast, every minute of those first tracks on the mountain made the morning hustle worth it.

“Thanks for having us! That was actually, really fun,” said Hight as she walked toward the lodge to prepare for the rest of her day. “It’s always hard to get up early, but totally worth it.”

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