Dew Tour San Francisco Event Wrap Up: BMX

Dew Tour returned to San Francisco last week for the Toyota City Championships. For the second consecutive year, Dew Tour dropped courses into the heart of San Francisco’s Civic Center. To show the rich history of action sports in SF, the BMX Street course incorporated iconic SF spots like Hubba Hideout and the China Banks. While the BMX Dirt jumps wrapped their way around Pioneer Monument from the Asian Art Museum to the San Francisco Public Library. Sunday, the Dew Tour Streetstyle course worked its way down three blocks of San Francisco’s famous hills.

In addition to the action-packed weekend of competition, the Dew Tour Experience allowed fans the chance to meet their favorite pros, buy merchandise and on Community Day fans even had the chance to take a turn on the iconic street course. Dew Tour stepped things up this year bringing the best athletes and vendors to SF for all of their loyal fans. Fans were full of energy and excited to take it all in. Read on below to get a glimpse of everything that went down and be sure to click through to read more on each of the events for more details, photos and video recaps of the sessions!

Dew Tour San Francisco Event Wrap Up: BMX

Garrett Reynolds, barspin to smith

BMX Street Final

BMX Street returned to San Francisco, California for its second consecutive year.  With a stacked list of BMX Street riders retuning to go all out in the final on the iconic course with an enthusiastic crowd, the BMX Street Final was action-packed.

Defending champion Garrett Reynolds came ready to keep his title. Although, last year’s second place rider, Chad Kerley, also came ready to win. With hopes of swiping a win away from Reynolds, Kerley dropped into his final run, after a few mishaps earlier in the contest, with a score to settle. 

Kerley launched right into it with a 180 into a manual on the pad then spun a 180 barspin out straight into a feeble tailwhip on the picnic table and went on to nose manual up the long pad to 180 out. Then, toward the end of his run Kerley laid down a giant 540 down the stairs after having trouble with it in his first two runs.

Unfortunately, Reynolds had already proved to the judges that he was number one. With bangers like a double truckdriver down the big set, Reynolds had already secured his first place title. 

“It feels good to take first place,” said Reynolds with a bit of shock. “I seriously thought right in the end Kerley was gonna take it. He totally held his run together but I don’t know, he put it on the judges and somehow I got it, so I’m psyched.”

Dew Tour San Francisco Event Wrap Up: BMX


1st – Garrett Reynolds

2nd – Chad Kerley

3rd – Dan Lacey

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BMX Dirt Final

For the second consecutive year, Dew Tour dropped their massive dirt jumps down in SF between the Asian Art Museum and the San Francisco Public Library. With a stacked list of riders after Friday night’s Semi-Final, the crowd was roaring with excitement heading into the BMX Dirt Final. 

With Daniel Sandoval taking first place in Friday night’s semi-final, he came to the Final prepared and ready to keep that top spot.  Likewise, defending champion Ryan Nyquist also had some bangers up his sleeve. But it was last year’s BMX Dirt Best Trick winner, Kyle Baldock who would take the win. 

With an arsenal of tricks like a frontflip barspin to tuck no-hander, Baldock came ready to impress the fans. Kyle Baldock’s biggest fan also happened to be one of Dew Tour’s smallest fans in attendance, his four-month old son Lucas. With his good luck charm cheering him on, the new father threw a 360 double downside whip over the final hit in his first run, securing the top spot.

Baldock said, “We’re all friends, everyone wants that first place but I was sitting sweet at second or first, it didn’t really matter to me. I was out there saying to myself, ‘I’m out here to do this and I’m doing it,’ and to be able to do that means so much to me.”

Dew Tour San Francisco Event Wrap Up: BMX


1st – Kyle Baldock

2nd – Daniel Sandoval

3rd – Jaie Toohey

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BMX Streetstyle Final

Closing out the weekend, BMX Streetstyle showcased an insane amount of talent and brought some of the best street riders to the Dew Tour for the first time. 

Covering a three-block radius, the Streetstyle course was filled with obstacles for riders to get creative and showcase their best tricks and combinations.  Many riders took the opportunity to slow themselves down by hitting as many obstacles as they could on the steep downhill course. Last year, Scotty Cranmer changed the event by throwing his bike on top of the shipping container so he could throw a tailwhip off and onto the nearby Toyota Corolla.  This year, Dew Tour built a ramp up to the container and upped the ante for all of the riders. 

In the end, Kerley claimed the top spot on the podium and he couldn’t have been any happier.

“It’s so unreal, I had one run under my belt and I just wanted to send it on the last one,” and send it Kerley did. “I thought I did as good as I could on the first run, so I was just going to try the 540 and maybe the nose [manual to barspin] on the last run, and I’m just thankful for the way it worked out. I’m stoked!”

Kerley’s best run consisted of a 540 over the first wedge, to hop whip, to bar manual feeble hard 180 on metal ledge, a double peg up to no-hander off the uprail, then an ice pick to barspin off the picnic bench, the technical nose manual to barspin off the top of the brick bank, then a 180 over the handicap rail, a 540 up the dock and then a truckdriver off – this run deservingly bumped him to the first place position.

Dew Tour San Francisco Event Wrap Up: BMX


1st – Chad Kerley

2nd – Ty Morrow

3rd – Scotty Cranmer

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