Dew Tour Day 1: Morning Street Practice Photos

After skaters signed up and registered for Dew Tour, a handful wasted no time and headed straight to the street course for practice. The day’s weather provided bright blue skies and a cool breeze making a perfect day for skateboarding.
Photos by Andrew Durso

Axel_cruysberghs_practive_street_long_beach_durso 2
Axel Cruysberghs with a 5-0 lick across the flat bar.
Denny_pham_practice_street_long_beach_durso 2
Riding smoothly like a Rolls Royce Phantom Denny Pham hits a frontside noseslide down the Mountain Dew Hubba.
One to keep your eye out for on the street course is Jake Ilardi.

The find builders at California Skatepark not only built the park but also designed it. This year’s street course features multiple options of hubbas, rails, gaps, and ledges for skaters to showcase their tech prowess.

Chris Joslin gets acquainted with new Rockstar teammate Ivan Montiero as they eye up the street course.
Maurio McCoy gracing us with a stylish hit off the 4 stair kicker.
Hailing all the way from Japan, Sora Shirai eyes up his placement before stomping on the A-frame rail.

Wrapping around the skate park you may notice the wildflowers of Dew Tour’s summer partnered artist Cooper. The added flair gives a nice scenic touch to the vibe of the event. If you haven’t already, get the full breakdown of the course from Boost Mobile.

Tj_rogers_practive_street_long_beach_durso 2
The heavy hitter corner featuring Aussie mates Tommy Fynn and Shane O’Neill with TJ Rogers chucks up the deuce.
You know TJ Rogers stomped this 360 flip while still wearing the heart-shaped sunnies.

More is on the line at this year’s competition since it serves as an Olympic qualifying event, which means skateboarders from all around the world will be competing for valuable points.

Trent McClung with a finely balanced 5-0 grind.

Get Dew Tour ready with the 2019 Long Beach event schedule. Can’t make it to Dew Tour? Don’t miss a single second of the action with the live stream schedule.

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