Dew Tour Day 1: Evening Session Practice Photos

Due to Dew Tour serving as an Olympic Qualifying event, more skaters are rolling into registration and multiple practice sessions had to be assigned. The morning practice session saw a slew of street skaters get their hits in early and start to easily figure out their lines. As for the skaters who snoozed in, they caught their session in the evening hours.
Photos by Andrew Durso

Mountain Dew rider Curren Caples having no trouble blasting out of the park.
Andy Anderson going the distance around the deep end of the park with the help of some belly sticks on his board.
17-year old Aori Nishimura from Japan sitting comfortably on a frontside feeble.

As the sun started to dip down, lights started to brighten up keeping the session going into the evening. This year, Dew Tour plans to host skate events that start in the late afternoon and go into the early night. With the help of LED light technology, this setup should make for spectacular looking night events.

Cj_collins_practice_park_long_beach_durso 2
CJ Collins using every inch of the course available serving up a head high kickflip from the deck transition.



Kensuke Sasaoka making a frontside nosegrind look buttery smooth in the deep end.
Leticia_bufoni_womens_practice_street_long_beac 2
Golden hour. Leticia Bufoni. Frontside Smith grind. What more could you ask for in a photo?

Dew Tour Long Beach will be open to the public starting on Thursday, June 14 at 2:00 pm till 9:00 pm. Be sure to get here to watch your favorite skaters, collect free swag from event sponsors, experience live art and music all for FREE.

Close up candid of Brazilian superstar Leticia Bufoni.
Luiz Franciso tweaking an indy back into the park.
Oda_yumeka_womens_practice_street_long_beac 2
12-year old Yumeka Oda from Japan making a kickflip look proper in mid-air.
Pedro Quintas RIPS and makes this park look so fun to skate.

Get Dew Tour ready with the 2019 Long Beach event schedule. Can’t make it to Dew Tour? Don’t miss a single second of the action with the live stream schedule.

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