Dew Tour At Night – Paper Tongues and Neon Trees

The Dew Tour threw a free party for Boston at the Skate Open as the MTV2 Rock N Jock Concert Series kicked off at the first stop of the summer Dew Tour. An enthusiastic crowd showed up to watch the bands Paper Tongues and Neon Trees work through their songs. These were not quick three song sets either; the music was blasting historic Boston for almost 2 hours.

Paper Tongues was up first and their music is funky blend of rock and hip hop with a little funk and soul mixed in. The band is fronted by charismatic vocalist Aswan Dixon who is definitely got the personality to be a lead vocalist. He loves the crowd, he loves his job. Aswan was so appreciative of the chance to sing for the crowd that he told everyone that he and the band would be doing more mundane jobs, like raising poultry in their home state of North Carolina if it were not for music. The whole band had a great time and that energy translates into a good show. Their first album just came out in March of 2010 but with Randy Jackson of all people as the manager and promoter of the band expect to see more of them soon.

Dew Tour At Night – Paper Tongues and Neon Trees

Paper Tongues Frontman, Aswan North

Paper Tongues would be a tough act to follow but Utah’s Neon Trees stepped up to the plate. Yes, Utah, how many bands are from Utah? These guys sounded a lot like the Cult but more of modernized version. To say anyone sounds like a new version the Cult is a compliment to say the least. The Neon Trees pumped huge amounts of energy into the Boston Crowd. Even though they are a new band, with their first record coming out in 2010, they already have already toured with the Killers and the local fans were singing along. The lead singer, Tyler Glenn, worked the crowd and had a great bunch of musicians backing him up. Tyler was wearing skintight leather pants, sporting a full on Mohawk and knee pads as I was picturing him growing up in uber-conservative Utah. But then again, how many of his friends from home were fronting a band, headlining a show at the Dew Tour.

Dew Tour At Night – Paper Tongues and Neon Trees

Neon Trees

Everyone seemed to have a good time at the show opening up the Dew Tour; from the teenage girls singing along, to the angry boys from the suburbs trying to start a pit to the too cool to participate crowd and even the security people, who were jamming a bit, they all appreciated the chance to see some music.

Dew Tour At Night – Paper Tongues and Neon Trees

The Crowd

If you missed the concert have no fear, you can catch them again at the Portland and Salt Lake City stops of the Dew Tour where they will continue to rock the Tour.

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