(Photo above: Devin Logan displays precision skills down the final rails from Breckenridge 2016. Photo: Walter)

Making the U.S. Olympic team in any freeskiing discipline is a challenge. Making the team in two separate disciplines though — that requires a whole different level of commitment.

Devin Logan is up to the challenge though. After winning a silver medal in slopestyle four years ago at the Sochi Olympics, she’s one of the leading candidates to make the U.S. Olympic slopestyle team once again. But she also has her sights set on qualifying for her first Olympic halfpipe team.

We recently caught up with Devin when she stopped by New York City for a series of events celebrating “100 Days Out” from the 2018 Olympics. Find out what she’s been working on and what she thinks of the venues in PyeongChang.

Devin Logan
Devin finished in fifth place overall at last year’s Dew Tour. We anticipate for her to kick it up a notch this time around. Photo: Walter

What was your initial reaction to the Olympic uniforms when you first saw them?
I was amazed. Coming off of Sochi and being a part of that design, you don’t think things can get better, and The North Face seriously just blew themselves out of the water. The fit, the color difference, the amount of different pieces, it’s unbelievable. It really suits each athlete and their own individual style. But when we stand together, we look unified as a team. So everything’s perfect.

You had a chance to provide input during the design process. What was the main feedback you gave them?
Well, I think there wasn’t too much. I was like, what you guys did in Sochi was great. There’s always little tweaks here and there, everyone has their own personal preference. I think the biggest one was making the colors more earthy. They nailed it. I want to wear this on a normal day. This is an awesome color and just the fit, everything.

How has the pre-season training been going?
It’s been good. I actually did not go down to New Zealand this year. I took the liberty of staying at home and being in the gym and getting that training in the gym, because in the past years, it’s definitely helped me with my longevity of competing in two events. Because it does take a toll. But I was actually just out in Europe for the last month doing some halfpipe and slopestyle in Switzerland and Austria, and it was such a productive camp. I spent a lot of time this summer on the airbag at the Utah Olympic Park. It works. I did tricks on the airbag that came to snow really easily that I didn’t think could happen. So I’m really happy where I’m at right now, and I’m excited for the winter to come.

Everyone loves that airbag from what I’m hearing.
I was pretty skeptical at first. Just being a skier, that thought of landing and doing the splits really made me nervous — like the twisting of the knees. But none of that has happened.

So you think you’ll add some new tricks to your run this year because of that?
Definitely. I’ve already started incorporating them in my skiing this last month, so it’s just getting the repetition and the numbers down on snow and feeling confident.

Can you say what they are, or are you keeping it under wraps?
I’ve been just working on some unnatural stuff — the right 7, finally dialing down my 9s to where I feel comfortable with how they look and everything. Not the doubles and everything I guess people are wanting, but my thought is, I’d rather do all four 7s than just chucking myself.

Devin_logan_womens_ski_pipe_qualifying_ion_mountain_championships 1
Devin has her eyes set to qualify for both the U.S. slopestyle and superpipe Olympic team.

You’ve been out to PyeongChang for the slopestyle and halfpipe test events. Are you feeling good about the courses?
Oh definitely. The venue in PyeongChang is amazing. This last winter at the halfpipe, it was the best halfpipe I’ve ever skied. Just the temperature was perfect, but it maintained its shape and speed. And I think it was one of my best halfpipe runs. So having that under my belt, and that confidence leading into the Games, I’m excited. The culture’s awesome, the people are super welcoming, everyone’s just stoked at the end of the run, and it’s way more inviting.

Between now and the Copper Grand Prix, what are your plans?
My plans are to go back to Park City, get back in the gym a little bit. We’re going to be on snow right after Thanksgiving in Copper, because the pipe will open. But until then, just have some downtime and not be in skis because it’s going to be a long winter.

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