Dennis Enarson Takes All in BMX Streetstyle

Taking over Portland, Oregon like the Dew Tour never had before, streetstyle shut down Broadway Street in downtown while the best in BMX took to the street and blew away the crowds lining the course.

Streetstyle has become a staple event at the Toyota City Championships and with 16 of the top riders taking three runs down the course throwing down gigantic trick after trick, the fans in Portland were more amped than ever before on the outcome.

Moment of Comfort:

There was really only one rider who had a sincere moment of comfort, Dennis Enarson. Enarson nailed a perfect run straight out of the gate, and after that it was smooth sailing for him while the rest of the field played catch-up.

“After that first [completed] run was nice, because if you don’t get that you are always wondering, should I do another safety run? Should I just step it up and go for the run I want, you just get in your head a little bit,” explained Enarson, breaking down the rider’s psyche. “This went just as I planned. I landed my safety run, then one-upped it a little bit and then my final run where I put even more together.”

Top Tricks:

Chad Kerley – manual through all the whoop sections continued to the brick bank section, double peg grind on the flat bar to a hang-five across the deck and a feeble 180 out on the 10-stair hubba ledge. Broc Raiford – tooth hanger to overtooth, smith 180 off of the stacked pallets to flat and an opposite feeble to tailwhip out across the brink bank ledge. Drew Bezanson – backflip tailwhip the step-up onto the truckbed, over to double peg on the flat bar and truckdriver off the shipping container. Garrett Reynolds – nose manual to barspin in on the big bank, barspin icepick down the 10-stair hubba and a 450 truckdriver over the brick hip.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Dennis Enarson – backflip tailwhip over the Toyota car gap, 360 to flat off the tallest bank, opposite tailwhip from the kicker over the flat rail and an opposite tailwhip off the beam perch hanging from the top of the shipping container.

Winner’s Quote:

“I am so hyped! [Streetstyle] are always my favorite courses of the year, so I always have the most fun riding them,” said Enarson trying to hold back his elation. “This feels way more at home to me as a street contest, because a lot of the other street courses, like the X Games, are real jibby, which is still fun for me… but this is more like me and the kind of stuff I ride. You go a lot faster and ride a lot bigger stuff.”

Dennis Enarson Takes All in BMX Streetstyle

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