Dennis Enarson Edges Out Banasiewicz, Wins BMX Dirt Finals

The BMX dirt finals came down to the last runs of the final heat to decide who would take the win at the Toyota Challenge. In the end, it was Dennis Enarson who stood on top of the podium, while Brandon Dosch was second and Brett Banasiewicz was third. This was the first BMX dirt win for Enarson since the 2008 PlayStation Pro in Orlando.

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Enarson was the first rider of the final to score in the 90s, and he took the lead in his first run with a smooth opposite 360 barspin mixed in. However, the lead quickly switched hands between the next guys up to ride, and Luke Parslow followed with an x-up backflip to turndown and finished with a double backflip to jump into first place.

Brandon Dosch then overtook Parslow after finishing a solid run with an impressive triple tailwhip over the last set.

The last guy to mix things up was overall points leader Brett Banasiewicz, who pulled a frontflip no-hander and clapped his hands, a triple tailwhip over the hip into an x-up to turndown and finished with a cashroll on the last hit to give him the lead. Coming back in the next round looking to pull a new trick on the last hit, Banasiewicz had to settle for a frontlfip instead, and the score brought his average down and gave the lead back to Enarson heading into the third and final runs of the contest.


James Foster came into his final run with a vengeance, trying to break into the top by throwing down a brand new trick he invented, a 360 barspin-to-barspin back to late downside tailwhip, better known as a back trailer to down whip. It had the crowd and the other riders in an uproar, but without the higher scores in his first two runs, his third-run score of 90.13 only bumped his average up to sixth place at the time, and he finished in seventh overall.

Enarson’s final run boosted his lead even more after he added in a flip whip and a barspin to tuck no-hander into the mix. Parslow fell on a double backflip on the last hit, so it was left to Dosch or Banasiewicz to take the lead away from Enarson.

Dosch came in swinging and ended his final run with a brand new trick on dirt, a decade air to 360 that only Mark Webb can pull in park right now. It was enough to bump him into second, leaving the final chance at overtaking the lead to Banasiewicz. Needing a 92.15 or better to take the lead from Enarson, he crashed his cashroll attempt on the last jump and he had to settle for third.


1. Dennis Enarson, 92.94
2. Brandon Dosch, 90.62
3. Brett Banasiewicz, 90.44
4. TJ Ellis, 89.31
5. Corey Bohan, 89.25

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