During a time when the roaster of women competing in park was a handful and skill levels among participants were vast, Allysha Le was one of few to be at the forefront of progression. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Allysha frequented the Vans skatepark in Orange County, where she established a solid foundation on transition. Setting her focus on contest skating, Allysha won her first event at the 2011 Vans Girl Combi Pool Classic. Fast forward a decade, what once was a small demographic of women in park contests has exponentiated worldwide, with skateboarders appearing from all corners of the world. Before skateboarding’s debut at the Tokyo Summer Games, Allysha had decided to take a step aside from participating in qualifying events taking a new path down her skateboard career. Now residing in Oceanside, California, Allysha can be found skating with the likes of street chomper Dane Burman, taking up new terrain to skate, and looking forward to stacking clips for a future video part. Follow Allysha along for the day as we met up for coffee, skated around, and toured a few of her favorite spots around town in her latest Aimless video above.

Video: Collin Schwartz and Josh Peacock

Editing: Collin Schwartz

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