The line for registration at Dew Tour Breckenridge was running across the lobby room and out the door. By the time all the clipboard paperwork was done, medical was cleared, their helmet received a fresh sticker of approval, athletes were about halfway done with the entire process.

Naturally, David Wise made the smart choice and showed up early to the event that preludes the event. Smiling ear-to-ear as he realized how long the line had grown, Wise was one of the first to finish registering.

David Wise
A few days after registration, David Wise registered as top qualifier. Photo: Walter

Following a couple of quick headshots and a sponsor update to his profile, Wise was asked to do one more thing: empty out his pockets.

Full of earth-toned practical goodies, Wise’s pockets weren’t exactly packed, but he did have a few essentials illustrative of his character. 

David_wise 7891

The first notable items, though, weren’t even the ones lining his pockets. Wrapping the ring finger on his left hand appeared to be a tattooed wedding band, which seemed like a pretty smart move for a guy putting on and taking off ski gloves for a living. On the other ring finger was a hair tie, which, if you hadn’t noticed, also appeared to be a necessity given the situation found under his Monster beanie.

A cellphone was the first necessity pulled from his pocket. With the faux woodgrain finish on the case, his phone was equipped with the PopSocket brandishing the 2018 PyeongChang NBC Olympics logo.  Wise says the PopSocket is a must and that he never misses the chance to catch a steady clip on his phone. However, when asked if he preferred phone clips to proper film? He paused to ponder before confidently responding, “proper film.”

Not exactly in his pockets, but certainly on his person, Wise whipped his Smith Sunglasses, in the classic brown tortoise shell pattern, onto the table next to his phone.

A small, brown leather wallet followed. The wallet was simple. Effective. Very practical.

And then there was the butcher’s knife… correction, it was a small, single blade Opinel pocket knife hanging from his car keys. No, it was not as exciting as a butcher’s knife, but it was again reflective of a classically practical person.

No neon camouflage or diamond studded  with found in these pockets. He did, though, have a snazzy house key on the ring. It was the one in the shape of a house, it had a red door and blue windows.

David Wise_Pocket Lint
Starting with the hair tie and wedding band tattoo found on his fingers, David Wise’s Pocket Lint looked like that of a precisely practical person.

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