Running five years strong, technicality and creativity returned to the downtown streets of Breckenridge with Dew Tour Snowboard Streetstyle.

Ten snowboarders were invited to get innovative for a 45-minute jam where the only criteria was to leave an impression.

Heavy beats played in the background under a mix of yellow streetlights and trucked in stadium lights. The energy at Snowboard Streetstyle was sizable. Fans packed in and lined the sides of the Streetstyle course that had taken over Washington Ave. At the end of the course on Main Street, people surrounding the event barricade cheered the loudest when riders completed their runs on a group of three rail features.

Local boys Dylan Alito and Seth Hill returned to defend or better their 2015 second and third place finishes. Both were absolutely loving the course.

Hill instantly brought solid style to the event. After jumping out of the start tower, Hill cranked a beautiful method over the open ended dumpster, then continued to slowly float 360 and smack his nose on the corrugated pipes.

Despite taking three back-to-back-to-back slams while trying to spin a hard way 270 to lipslide on open ended dumpster, Alito left his local crowd juicing as they cheered for more. The two largest reactions probably came first after his backflip completely over the open ended dumpster and then following his half cab nose press to front flip off of the Breck picnic table.

Creativity definitely ruled the Snowboard Streetstyle event, and every rider greatly contributed. In the end, however, none would best the reigning champion, Darcy Sharpe, who once again brought fast, smooth, and extremely technical tricks. Not only was Sharpe showing the crowd exactly why he is the king of Streetstyle, he did it after a day of jumping in the Slopestyle Pro Competition. Sharpe is the only snowboarder riding in all three events at Dew Tour this week.

Being the four-time Streetstyle champion that he is, Sharpe worked hard to get through all of the interviews that followed. However, after agreeing to hold his new, heavy trophy, Sharpe agreed to one more interview.

“I still feel like it is a joke,” laughs Sharpe, referring to an earlier conversation about his potential for a four-peat. “It’s insane!”

“I just came out to have fun with the boys. The energy was killer,” continued Sharpe. At no point during the competition did Sharpe think he was going to win again. Instead, Share says the only thing that is going through his head is, “survival.”

“In the moment I am listening to my music. Just boardin’ and trying to tick off as many tricks s I can.”

Throughout the course of the night, Sharpe may have rattled off more tricks than anyone. Sharpe landed cab 270 to lip slide across the open ended dumpster, a switch 180 to layback hand drag (coined the stoney surfer by Sage Kotsenburg), and a rail-to-rail 50-50 gap lipslide.

Looking back to the award announcement, Sharpe admitted that once Jesse Paul’s name was not called placing third or second that he thought he had actually lost and Jesse had won the event.

Jesse was one of a few newcomers to Dew Tour Streetstyle, but after the night’s performance there is no doubt that he will be returning. He pulled off a variety of creative tricks from 1-foot boardslides across and front flips off of the Breck picnic table, to a 50-50 across the picnic bench only to grab the table and spin himself 720 off the end.

Jesse was especially keen to the final group rails. After the seed was planted, riders became relentless to hop there way from the far left corrugated pipe to the middle rail and then onto the down rail. Jesse was the first to successfully jump his way across the rails, as well as jump from the center rail to the corrugated and then back to the center.

The night overall was fueled with progression. Every single rider contributed to the best Snowboard Streetstyle event to date as verified by Dew Tour photographer Bryce Kanights, who has attended each event since the very beginning.

“The scale of the event continues to make year over year improvements,” said Kanights who celebrated his birthday by photographing the event (happy birthday, Bryce!). “This is the type of contest that actually fuels progression. There is less risk, and the environment simply feels like a good time for everyone. There are a lot of smiles out here tonight.”

1. Darcy Sharpe

2. Jordan Morse

3. Zak Hale

Best Trick: Frank Bourgeouis, boardslide gap to lipslide

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