Dan Lacey Owned the BMX Battle at the Beach

Ushering in a new discipline to the Dew Tour Beach Championships, the BMX Battle at the Beach bridged the gap and provided an appeal to the fans in the sand that were looking to see a different batch of riders and style.



The BMX Street Session was made up of ten riders competing in one, 30-minute organized jam format. The course for the street session was made up of a nine-stair set with a hubba on each side as well as a rail down the center with riders allowed to go either up or down the set. The top three riders were scored and ranked on overall impression with an additional winner announced for the single best trick of the session – riders were judged on single tricks, not combinations linked by manuals received scores.

Considering the rest of the BMX events hosted in Ocean City, Maryland highlighted the ramp riding skills, this street event was not only a great compliment to the rest but also it completed the BMX package.

With the stacked list of BMX street riders it seemed like anyone could take the win, but there were certainly a few standouts – Dan Lacey was unquestionably one of them. 

Dan Lacey Owned the BMX Battle at the Beach

Sean Sexton

When asked how he felt about coming to Dew Tour he quikly responded “Seeing the whole Dew Tour contest going off at the beach made for a reall good atmosphere. If it’s around next your I’ll defnitely be back for sure.”

Lacey landed so many absolutely insanely technical tricks you are going to want to watch the recap to consume them all. One that we have to tell you about was his backward grind to over toothpick on the rail – nuts. 

Dan Lacey Owned the BMX Battle at the Beach

Dan Lacey

Lacey commented on the format saying “The jam format was ideal for everyone, just dropping in one after another and feeding off of each other.” Then lacey added “Its not too often that you get to go to a contest and just work on a rail set up for a half an hour or so”



1st Place – Dan Lacey

2nd Place – Sean Sexton

3rd Place – Chad Kerley


Best Trick – Dan Lacey – Backward grind to over toothpick down the rail

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