The pool coping took one final beating in the park to close out the weekend at Dew Tour Long Beach 2018. Following a legends session in the bowl earlier in the morning for the Love and Guts guys, eight of the world’s gnarliest took control of the bowl for the Men’s Pro Park Final.

Each skater was allotted four more, 45-second runs with only the best score counting, and for three of the top four placing skaters that best run came on their first go.

Onlooking legends from left to right, Steve Olson, Pat Ngoho, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi. Photo: MRZ

Just before the event began, Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi were found on the course. Hosoi gave the crew and the crowd some real words of wisdom with regard to what it means to be a skater being, “To skate everything!” Hosoi also gave a major shout out to his young Hawaiian homie, Heimana Reynolds as his pick to win it all.

“That was incredible to hear,” responded Heimana a little later. “I always looked up to Christian as a young boy. Thanks Christian!”

Airing higher than anyone else from the day, Heimana Reynolds really makes use of the way of the Flyin’ Hawaiian with full support from fellow Hawaiians. Photo: MRZ

Heimana put his frontside inverts on full display throughout the event, and on one he even kicked his leg off for a double pump. His best run of the day was his fourth. Following a rough slam that chipped his tooth the night before and then a long and grueling final, Heimana flipped off everyone and everything around him as he marched out of the bowl with pride.

Finishing just behind Heimana at the end of the day was Alex Sorgente in sixth. Still, Sorgente impressed the crowds with a caballero to nosepick on the pool coping extension in addition to his incredible ollie entries into the deep end from various places to start each run.

Boosting a boneless off the Stanley banked wall, Clay Kreiner took the first run of the event and rode it all the way to a fourth place finish. Photo: Saxon

The first run of the entire event managed to hold Clay Kreiner in the fourth spot throughout the remainder of the contest. Huge 540s, boosted boneless of the Stanely banked wall and even a surprise kickflip to fakie in the deep end highlighted Clay’s day at Dew Tour.

Taking home the third place trophy from the park was Tristan Rennie, the newest member of the Blood Wizard Skateboards team. Just yesterday, unbeknownst to Rennie, Chris Greggson showed up to the event decked out in a wizard costume with signs for Rennie. It was official, he was on the team.

Tristan_rennie_ men_pro_park_finals_dew_tour_long_beach_2018_ferraphoto 03
Tristan Rennie catching a kickflip indy on his Blood Wizard while sending it over the hip. Photo: Ferra

“I didn’t even know that was going to happen,” explain Rennie. “[Chris Greggson] just showed up in that suit with the signs to make it official. It must have been close to 120° in that thing.”

Rennie’s first run was also his best and it secure him a third place spot on the podium. He took high speeds out of the shallow end into a nose grind on the biggest extension, a styled out backside 540 and another nose grind around a corner of the deep end.

Oskar Rozenberg also earned his highest score on his first run. Oski (the name he goes by) oozed out stylish alley-oop 270s each direction over the hip launching out of the shallow end with the first going to back lipslide on the pool coping extension and with the other going to a rock and roll on the side of the big ramp. That same run included a lofty, no-grab backside 360 in the deep end straight into a switch back disaster. Oski later found the speed and felt the need to transfer all the way from the shallow end into the deep, completely clearing the middle section of the course.

Hard to imagine that Oskar Rozenberg spun alley-oop 270 up into this back lipslide from the shallow end, but he did. And he finished in second. Photo: MRZ

Still, it would be later bested by the defending champion himself. Cory Juneau repeated the win, and he did so with his eyes practically closed in his signature sleepy style. The trick of the day was his front boardslide through the corner. Every time he did it the crowd would erupt, and on his best run he actually hung up and grabbed his nose in order to make it. Juneau also lofted a frontside flip well above the biggest extension as well as back reverted a backside nose blunt on it.

Once Juneau finished his fourth run he knew he had it in the bag, and jumped up to bust his board in half with his butt to celebrate.

With so many sleepy bangers it is hard to pic only one picture of Cory Juneau, but this frontside flip caught our eye. Photo: Saxon

Claiming that a repeat win was never on his run, Juneau said after the event that he only planned to come out and skate with his friends. “I’m just thankful I was able to do what I wanted. I skated even better than I wanted!” Unfortunately, though, he admitted that he does not close his eyes while taking the front boardsides through the corner, but that it is just him trying his best with lots of practice.

1.) Cory Juneau, 93.33
2.) Oskar Rozenberg, 91.00
3.) Tristan Rennie, 90.00
4.) Clay Kreiner, 88.00
5.) Heimana Reynolds, 84.33
6.) Alex Sorgente, 83.66
7.) Keegan Palmer, 83.00
8.) Luiz Francisco, 73.66

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