Cory Juneau is a skateboarder of few words. He’s one to let his skateboarding do all the talking. Whether you’ve seen Cory in competition or just casually ripping around one of San Diego’s local parks, then you know exactly what we mean. But what else is going through his head when he’s skating? Or rather, what’s in his headphones? We checked in with Cory over the phone for a quick catch-up to ask him about his favorite types of music for our latest On Rotation interview.

We’re trying to learn what you’re listening to. So we’ll start out with what’s your favorite type of music?
I listen to more hip hop and rap types of music. I like reggae and classic rock and all that stuff, too. I’m pretty open to everything.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
Flaco, Gunna, a lot of people like that. A lot of NorCal rap artists I like.

Cory Juneau On Rotation
Photo Credit: Dangaard

How are you finding these artists these days?
They pop up on Instagram and SoundCloud.

What’s your preferred way to stream music?
I use Spotify and SoundCloud.

Cory Juneau On Rotation
Photo Credit: Ortiz

I know Soundcloud has more underground types of artists.
Yeah, they have more underdog kind of random people, you know?

What do you throw on to get hyped up to go skate?
Some Kodak, some Polo G, some Lil Baby.

Cory Juneau
Photo Credit: MRZ
Cory Juneau On Rotation

Do you ever rock the headphones in when you skate?
Not when I’m filming, but when I’m just skating in the park, I skate with headphones half the time probably. Especially if I’m skating by myself.

I feel you on that one. Get into the groove of things.
Yeah, you’re just in your own zone. Focus and ride, you know?

Cory Juneau On Rotation

Is that the same if you’re in a competition? Are headphones in?
When I’m at a contest, I’m interacting with everyone. There’s a lot of people skating at once, so you want to hear other people that are in the bowl and whatnot.

Would you say you got your music taste from what was being played around the house growing up?
No, probably more from my friends that I hang around, like, what they’re into. I feel like hip-hop is more relevant now. In a way, it’s just what people and my age group are going through like this generation of things is different from the last and the generation before that.

Cory Juneau
Photo Credit: MRZ

Do you have any favorite skate videos that you watch growing up that influence what you listen to?
Yeah, I grew up watching like Ishod [Wair], Cory Kennedy, Grant Taylor, all those dudes. That probably had a huge impact on some of the stuff I listen to.

If you were putting out a part tomorrow and had all the money to buy out any song, what would you choose?
Honestly, I don’t know there are so many good songs out there. I feel like a song would have to fit the vibe of the video, you know? I can’t just put my favorite song in there and expect it’s going to work.

Would you go with a hip hop song or rock?
I probably would go for a classic hip hop song. Maybe two songs like fast rock or metal and then like a hip hop song or like a punk.

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