Christy Prior Lands the LCQ in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle

With the return of women’s snowboard slopestyle comes the return of the stacked field of competitors at the Dew Tour Mountain Championships, none more familiar with the top of the podium than Jamie Anderson. Though Jamie has eight wins under her belt, the rest of the riders brought their all to the fresh course to prove they have what it takes to claim the top spot — most notably Enni Rukajarvi who landed in second place last year.

With a new take on the overall semifinal format, sixteen riders took two runs each with only their best score counting and only the top five advancing direct to the final. The twist this year, following the semifinal was a last chance qualifier (LCQ) that gives the next eight ranked riders one last attempt to earn a spot in the final with the best rider advancing.

Semifinal Moment of Peace:

Last year Enni came just short of her first overall win at Dew Tour in slopestyle, and it was clear that she had been putting in work during the off season. Her first run during the semifinal blew away the judges with her technical arsenal of tricks, and when it came time for her to drop in again you could see the calm, peaceful look on her. That calmness only added to her fire on the course as she nailed another greatly technical run and upped the ante for the competition one more time. Enni is definitely looking forward to the final.

LCQ Moment of Truth:

Following Silje Norendal‘s run in the LCQ that scored an 86.50, there was definitely pressure placed onto the remaining two riders — one of which was Christy Prior. Christy knew she had the tools take the LCQ spot, but even after landing her run nearly perfect she was left at the bottom of the course with her hands held tight smiling and hoping the judges agreed it was enough. It was. Christy was able to rest at ease once her score of 91.50 dropped leaving her in a very safe place.

Top Tricks:

Ennie Rukajarvi — Tail press down the Nixon 20+ handrail straight to a frontside bluntslide to fakie down the Mountain Dew handrail and then continued to spin every direction off each jump.

Spencer O’Brien — Noselide 270 out on the Mountain Dew handrail, cab 540, poked backside 180 into a frontside 720 on back-to-back jumps.

Anna Gasser — An absolutely boosted switch back 180 straight into a solid frontside 720 over the final booter.

Jamie Anderson — Frontside boardslide 270 out on the Nixon 20+ handrail and the loftiest cab 540 of the day.

LCQ’s Quote:

“Thank God for the [LCQ]. My goal was to enjoy competing because I always get freaked out, and thought why do it if I don’t enjoy it. So I just had a blast. Getting through on the last chance was just a bonus.” — Christy Prior

Semifinal Results:
*Top 5 advance to the final

Christy Prior Lands the LCQ in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle

LCQ Results:
*Top 1 advances to the final

Christy Prior Lands the LCQ in Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final:

Watch the final this Friday, December 12th at 5 p.m. ET on and the NBC Sports Live Extra App.

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