All photos by: Mike Yoshida & George Crosland

The women’s snowboard superpipe qualifier sent a serious message to all riders looking to advance: go big or go home.

Sun broke through the grey skies to make for much greater visibility than seen in the men’s event in the morning, but slight winds kicked up for the first run of two. Not only was there a bit of a breeze, snow fell from start to finish in the event which made amplitude a challenge fore some, but not for all.

Standing out from the field were some familiar faces, but there were also a few new names that left an impression. Anna Valentine was one of those new names as she was making her debut to Dew Tour Breckenridge. Though Valentine did not make it out of the qualifier, she showed she was ready to throw it all on the line for the chance to advance. Valentine landed a 720 in her opening run, which was the first full pull of the event, and on here second run she attempted back-to-back 540s to lead into the 720. Unfortunately she was unable to link them together and finished 12th on the day.

Some top scoring riders ranking high enough to advance on their first runs were Elena Hight, Maddie Mastro and Chloe Kim. Kim was certainly the best rider of the day and scored a 93.33 on her first run which held up to remain the highest of the event. Kim’s run included a proper method backside air, back-to-back 720s going frontside and then cab, a frontside 540 to lead into the inverted backside counterpart known as a McTwist before finishing with an alley-oop, backside 360 to finish. Still, knowing what Kim is capable of, the run felt safe by her standards.

Mastro was thoroughly impressive with her run which included back-to-back 540s, a frontside 720, a Haakon flip into the backflip counter of a crippler before finishing with a seatbelt grab. Mastro put everyone on edge with her creative run and great variety.

Kelly Clark, though, waited until her final run before putting her full amplitude on display. On her first hit, as the final rider to drop, Clark sent a tucked indy higher than any other trick seen in her event and stomped everything else from there on out. Clark made major moves in the ranks to go from the bubble position all the way to qualifying third.

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Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Qualifier Results

1.) Chloe Kim (USA), 93.33
2.) Maddie Mastro (USA), 91.66
3.) Kelly Clark (USA), 89.00
4.) Elena Hight (USA), 88.33
5.) Mirabelle Thovex (FRA), 87.00
6.) Queralt Castellet (SPA), 86.00
7.) Arielle Gold (USA), 85.66
8.) Hannah Teter (USA), 85.00

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