Checking In With Kyle Baldock

The breakout star of the 2011 Dew Tour season without a doubt has been Kyle Baldock. Not only has Kyle been on the podium at all BMX dirt and park events so far, he’s also in contention to win both Dew Cups. With two stops left on the tour, we’ll see if Kyle has what it takes to make this rookie season one for the books.

Since you’re from Australia, do you have a home base here in the U.S. you go back to in between stops on the Dew Tour?
Between stops I have been staying in North Carolina. My girlfriend and I have been staying here for almost five months now. We will be heading back to Australia after Vegas.

As a rookie on the Dew Tour, have any of the veteran riders been a mentor to you?
Ryan Guettler has definitely been a great mentor, showing me the Dew Tour ropes and just helping out with anything!

Checking In With Kyle Baldock
Kyle Baldock – Flip Whip – Ocean City 2011

What was going through your head right before you went for the Double Back Flip in Portland?
Well I had it planned, all or nothing and I told Jamie Bestwick that I was going to do it so I just did it! And of course landing it, that always is going through your mind.

So far, Ryan Nyquist and Dennis Enarson have each designed BMX Park courses for the Dew Tour, what were some of your favorite features from Ocean City and Portland?
I really loved and enjoyed riding both courses. Ocean City had the big boxes and Portland had more tech type of riding.

After 2 stops, you’re a favorite for the Ball Park ‘Rookie Of The Year’ Award…what does it mean to you to have your talents recognized?
Growing up I always had people telling me I wouldn’t be able to do anything, so to be where I am today is more than I could ever imagine.

Ryan Guettler is the only person to win 2 Dew Cups in a season, what do you think it will take from you to accomplish that as well?
As long as you’re always having fun on your bike, and don’t let the pressure get to you, anything is possible. Just love and determination.

What do you do to prepare yourself the day of competition?
Make sure I have a good sleep the night before. Then I always just have some chill time with my girlfriend and then head down to the course for some riding.

What’s your process for creating your run?
I try not to look at the course till the day of practice. When I get out there I suss out the course and what I can do where.

Checking In With Kyle Baldock
Kyle Baldock – Flip – Portland 2011

What’s been your favorite moment of the 2011 Dew Tour Season so far?
Haha, well its not a riding moment but it is definitely at Ocean City. After Dave Mirra’s run he threw his helmet to the crowd but happened to throw it in the wrong direction and threw it into the medics tents.

What are you looking forward to most for Salt Lake City?
I’m excited to see everyone again. It’s always a good time when you’re riding with all your mates from all over the world. It’s great!
Make sure to tune into NBC Sports and USA September 10th & 11th to catch all the action from the Toyota Challenge 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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