Chatting With The Decenzo Brothers

This season, both Decenzo brothers are making an impression on the Dew Tour’s skate street course. Ryan has made a name for himself over the past few years as one of the top skaters, and this year the fans can check out the the style of the younger Decenzo, Scott. After watching the finals in Portland where both brothers competed against each other, we’ll be looking to see what they bring to the new obstacles on the street course at the Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City. While they keep things heated during the event, they are true bros off the course.

Ryan: You recently were in Montreal on a skate trip, how was that?
It was sick, I love trips with Darkstar. We skated street every day.

How are your sponsor skate trips different from a competition weekend?
A lot more casual. You get to skate what you want and when you want. Raw, real street skating is a good change from those perfect parks sometimes.

Coming into this new season, what did you do to prepare differently from previous seasons?
I started working with my man Sean Hayes and training really hard on my skating

What was your favorite feature of the new Dew Tour concrete plaza-style course?
The bump to rail and the downrail.

Chatting With The Decenzo Brothers
Ryan Decenzo – Skateboard Street Finals

What is it like having your brother to skate with on tour this year?
It’s the best thing ever. I always skate with him at home. He kills it and people are starting to see that now.

How would you compare your approach to contests compared to your brother’s?
I’ve been doing them a lot longer so I know what to expect. Scoot just shows up and goes at it.

You took 2nd at the Portland Invitational last month, what will it take to get to the top of the podium?
Maybe two more strong tricks and I think I have a good shot.

Chatting With The Decenzo Brothers
Scott & Ryan Decenzo – Skateboard Street Finals

What differences do you find skating in the US versus back home in Vancouver?
Everyday in Cali is good, so in Canada you have to be motivated and get after it when you can.

Being a new athlete on the Dew Tour this year, how was your first stop in Portland?
(nods head) Stoked, I loved it, it was so fun.

Your brother has been one of the top skaters for the past few years on Dew Tour, What’s it like coming in and skating against him?
It’s tight because we can share notes on the comp, rules, courses, etc. Plus I have a lot more fun when I skate with Ryan. We push each other in the right ways.

What’s one trick that you can land that your brother can’t?
Switch Front Noseslides!

Chatting With The Decenzo Brothers
Scott Decenzo – Skateboard Street Finals

All three roommates (you, Ryan and Adam Dyet) made it to the finals in Portland, what was that experience like?
It was actually kinda like being at home. (Laughs) because we skated together all day and then went over to one of our rooms and talked it all through just like we do in HB.

What will it take for you to out skate P-Rod and Ryan in Salt Lake City?
That’s a pretty crazy question. I need to focus, get my tunnel-vision on and just pretend I’m the only guy out there. Obviously those guys have been in this game a while longer than me so I’ve got to keep on it to battle them.

Make sure to watch all the action this weekend as the Dew Tour comes to Salt Lake City for the Toyota Challenge 2011. Check your local listings for tv times.

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