Chad Kerley Wins Gold in BMX Street at X Games LA

Chad Kerley put it together in L.A. and finally earned himself a place atop of the X Games podium and a gold medal! Kerley has been recognized as the up-and-coming king of tech in BMX street, but with Garrett Reynolds always riding on point Kerley has repeatedly taken a second place seat at every event. Well, that is over and now Kerley is riding better than ever linking more tricks in a single line than anyone else. In the end, Reynolds rode out in second and Jeremiah Smith took home third place, respectively. Check out the video below if you want to know what lines Kerley pulled off and below that you can find the complete results.


1st Place – Chad Kerley, 87.00

2nd Place – Garrett Reynolds, 86.00

3rd Place – Jeremiah Smith, 80.00

4th Place – Ty Morrow, 76.00

5th Place – Simone Barraco, 69.00

6th Place  – Dennis Enarson, 67.00

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