Chad Kerley Rode Out On Top Of BMX Street Semi-Finals

The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships BMX street semi-finals went in San Francisco right in front of City Hall, and if you were lucky enough to be here in person or catch the live-feed you know by now that the riders put on a serious show. Some of the top pros were overheard calling this the “best street course ever” and with a design based around actual legendary San Francisco spots it’s easy to understand why. With nineteen of the best street riders on the planet going after only eight spots for the finals it was all or nothing tonight here in San Francisco.

After the dust settled Chad Kerley ended up sitting in the top position with Garrett Reynolds and Bruno Hoffman not far behind. Bruno rode the entire course and made everything look incredibly smooth and way too easy linking all of his tricks while flowing his way into the top three.

Chad Kerley Rode Out On Top Of BMX Street Semi FinalsReynolds proved why he is considered the best street rider in the world with an effortless rail ride to tail whip out on a round rail, a barspin to icepick on the big down rail, a 180 backwards crooked grind to 180 out and to finish it off a ridiculously technical 180 barspin to backward manual to 180 out on the replica “3rd and Army” ledge setup.

Chad Kerley Rode Out On Top Of BMX Street Semi Finals

Although Reynolds rode the course like he was on a mission, young gun Kerley stepped his game up and did combos that made everyone’s head spin including his fellow riders. He also nose manualed the entire “China Banks” replica setup, did a manual to 180 to fakie tailwhip on the bank and laid down a barspin to manual to hop manual to 180 out on the replica “3rd and Army” ledges.

Needless to say, everyone laid it down tonight and put on one serious show for the fans out there. If everyone threw down this hard during the semi-finals it can only mean one thing…we absolutely cannot wait until the are finals here Saturday at 5:30p.m. EST. Be sure to tune in to NBC Sports Network at 11p.m.-12a.m. EST. 

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1st Place – Chad Kerley 91.00

2nd Place – Garrett Reynolds 90.13

3rd Place – Bruno Hoffman 88.13

4th Place – Dennis Enarson 87.38

5th Place – Dakota Roche 87.25

6th Place – Ty Morrow 87.00

7th Place – Sean Sexton 87.00

8th Place – Steven Churchill 86.25

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