Chad Kerley dominates BMX street at Dew Tour Chicago

It started out with 16 of the best street riders in the world competing in the BMX street contest this afternoon, but in the end there would only be three that would surface to the top. Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson and Sean Ricany all managed to keep it together with both technical combos and big tricks to score above the rest and take home first, second and third.

The street course at the beautiful new Grant Park Skate Plaza just opened six months ago and features just about every obstacle one could dream of – hubba ledges, marble ledges, flat rails, an A-frame rail. It has it all. There’s so much to the park that is had to be divided into three sections, and the riders were divided into three heats.

For a technical street rider like Kerley, this park was a playground. Aside from endless barspin-manual-grind combos, some highlight tricks included a 180 barspin over the A-frame grind box, an incredibly steely feeble to hard 360 up the hubba ledge, a barspin to crook to 180 down the A-frame rail, and the biggest – a 180 barspin down the hubba ledge to fakie barspin out, which Chad commented on after the win. “I’m just super psyched on getting a few things today that I have never done before,” he said. “Especially the fakie bar out of the hubba.”

Chad Kerley dominates BMX street at Dew Tour Chicago
Enarson (left), Kerley (center) and Ricany (right) all ended up on the podium.

But the win didn’t come easy. San Diego’s Dennis Enarson came out swinging with big moves like a switch whip over the rail, uprail to nothing, crook switch whip up the rail, and a new one he’s never done before – an alley-oop over the rail to opposite 180. “I’m really surprised I took second,” Enarson said after the contest. “Ricany killed it and I don’t know how I got second, but the judges were definitely in my favor today. Sometimes you get hooked up and sometimes you don’t, so I’ll take it. I’m psyched.”

A well-deserved third place went to Primo’s Sean Ricany who put together flawless runs and pulled one of the most impressive tricks of the day, a toothpick hanger to barspin.

If you didn’t catch all the BMX street final action today, don’t worry – more BMX action will go down here in Chicago tomorrow. BMX streetstyle will be streaming live here at beginning at 12:30 p.m. ET. So stay tuned!


Chad Kerley dominates BMX street at Dew Tour Chicago

1. Chad Kerley, 91.42
2. Dennis Enarson, 88.92
3. Sean Ricany, 88.00
4. Garrett Reynolds, 86.58
5. Bruno Hoffmann, 85.58
6. Alex Kennedy, 85.17
7. Broc Raiford, 84.83
8. Matt Ray, 84.50
9. Colin Varanyak, 80.67
10. Simone Barraco, 79.08
11. Dakota Roche, 78.67
12. Jeremiah Smith, 77.67
13. Timmy Theus, 76.67
14. Brian Kachinsky, 75.92
15. Tyler Morrow, 75.25
16. Alex Donnachie, 73.50


Chad Kerley dominates BMX street at Dew Tour Chicago


Chad Kerley dominates BMX street at Dew Tour Chicago




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