As the clouds began to burn off in the early afternoon, the women lined up for qualifiers with better light but a considerable headwind. Canada’s Cassie Sharpe took first with a score of 88.33, followed closely by Marie Martinod and Brita Sigourney. Of the 22 women competing, eight moved on to finals.
Photos by Jamie Walter

Sharpe’s run demonstrated versatility, kicking off with a clean right 900 and later following it with a left 900 with a tail grab. She demonstrated greater variety in grabs—including safety, mute, tail, and trucker—than other competitors, and completed her run with a clean right flare, demonstrating her prowess with the trick in both directions.

Martinod elected to skip her second run, confident that her initial score of 86.33 would get her into the finals. Her run featured a similar amount of variety and she executed it well, but her tricks were slightly less challenging than Sharpe’s; Martinod elected not to hit anything switch, and hit a straight air to begin. Sigourney’s run also lacked switch hits, but her clean execution and amplitude—especially on her first two hits, a straight air safety grab and an alley-oop japan—earned her an 85.33.

Maddie Bowman also laid down an impressive final run, getting a grab on nearly all seven tricks she laid down. Across the board, many of the women struggled with grabs—several competitors didn’t get any grabs at all—and Bowman’s run set her apart.

Conditions today were a far cry from conditions during their practice days; Monday and Tuesday’s sunny skies had athletes hoping for good weather, but overcast skies and wind plagued the day. Tune in and watch the women’s ski superpipe final live on Friday at 2:15pm MST on

Women’s Ski Superpipe Qualifier Results

1.) Cassie Sharpe (CAN) 88.33
2.) Marie Martinod (FRA) 86.33
3.) Brita Sigourney (USA) 85.33
4.) Devin Logan (USA) 83.66
5.) Maddie Bowman (USA) 81
6.) Sabrina Cakmakli (GER) 80
7.) Annalisa Drew (USA) 78.33
8.) Carly Marguiles (USA) 76

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