First place in women’s freeski halfpipe is no simple feat, but Cassie Sharpe cut the competition down to take home the top spot—again. First it was Dew Tour Breckenridge, now she is the official Olympic gold medalist from the PyeongChang Games. But how does she do it?

Cassie_Sharpe_Womens_Final_Pipe_Breckenridge_Durso 4
Cassie Sharpe showing off a trucker grab as part of her winning run at Dew Tour Breckenridge. Photo: Durso

Well, she likely skips breakfast before starting her warmup dance and get loose before heading toward the hill. You can assume she was blasting music by speaker at home while getting into her competition routine, but when she made it to the halfpipe she switched her music to her headphones.

How do we know all of this? While she was making her rounds during Dew Tour athlete registration, we asked her. The questions started out harmless regarding her warmup routine, but then we wanted to close with something slightly more personal.

We also asked her to empty her pockets so could document the lint she was carrying and, as seen in in the photo below, Cassie had a couple of classy items on her person. Give a glance and the photo and read on to see what we caught Cassie Sharpe with for this Pocket Lint.


As already mentioned, music plays multiple roles in Cassie’s warmup routine. Our guess is that she was wearing the same black and red BOSE headphones that she had in her pockets during athlete registration in her ears during her competition runs. She might have even had her Nivea lip care and Halls cough drops in her pockets during those cool runs, too.

But chances are that she popped her two Tylenol and then stashed the rest of her lint before dropping in.

Lining the rest of her pockets, or rather her black Matt & Nat purse, Cassie had hotel keys, a concealer stick and her iPhone with a sleek black case all in order. The classiest item, though, was her prescription sunglasses by Bailey and Nelson with the black and white dotted soft cloth to keep them clean.

Considering the sophisticated finds, it is no wonder that Cassie Sharpe has become the favorite skier to beat in any halfpipe competition—what she carries in her purse and on her person is as cosmopolitan as her choice of tricks.  

Cassie Sharpe
🙋🏼‍♀️: Cassie Sharpe 📷: Walter

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