Brett Esser and Holly Crawford Lead Snowboard Pipe Qualifiers

Both the women and men were throwing down today during the Snowboard Superpipe Open Qualifiers. Holly Crawford claimed the top spot in the women’s competition with a 93.50 with huge amplitude and the biggest front 7 grab of the day. Nike 6.0 team rider Ellery Hollingsworth placed second and Linn Haug was third.

Brett Esser topped the qualifiers in the men’s competition, going bigger than anyone out there with back-to-back 10’s, a cab 10 and a front 9 to back 9 earning the high score of 86.50. Spencer Shaw and Nathan Johnstone qualified in second and third respectively.  

The top seven finishers for women and top nine finishers for men will advance to Friday’s Prelims.

Men’s Snowboard Superpipe Results
1. Brett Esser          86.50                           
2. Spencer Shaw 84.75
3. Nathan Johnstone     83.50
4. Greg Bretz           83.25
5. Christian Haller     83.00
6. Illkka-Eemeli Laari  81.75
7. Luke Mitrani         81.50
8. Matt Ladley          79.50
9. Trevor Jacob         77. 75

Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Results
1. Holly Crawford       93.50
2. Ellery Hollingsworth 89.00
3. Linn Haug            88.50
4. Soko Yamaoka 87.50
5. Sarah Conrad         72.75

6. Sophie Rodriguez Grenoble  69.50

7. Anne Sophie Pellissier   61.00

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