Bob Soven Wins PWT #4 in Colorado Springs

All the riders apparently adjusted to the altitude for the second day of the Pro Wakeboard Tour today in Colorado. Some of the boys were struggling yesterday catching their breath, but they hit their stride with the riding that went down today. There were a couple upsets during the Quarter Finals, with Rusty Malinoski not making it past the Quarters, and Tony Carroll slaying it and taking out Phil Aslinger and Austin Hair to get into the Semis.

Out of the 10 Junior Pro Men riders in the Semi Finals, only 4 would advance to Finals. There was killer riding in the Semis for the Juniors, but when the scores came out it was Raphael Derome, Daniel Powers, Nick Galotifiore, and Kyle Evans in the Finals. During the finals Raph Derome rode incredible doing a toeside 900 and a backside 720, but it was Daniel Powers with his first win of the year landing a toeside 720, a backside 540, and a heelside 720 off the double up.

The second heat of the Semis in the Pro Men division might as well have been a final, with Danny Harf, Jim LaRiche, Harley Clifford, Phil Soven, and Bob Soven riding unreal trying to get into the finals. All 5 brought their A Game, but only 3 moved on to the finals. It was Harley Clifford, Phil Soven, and Bob Soven making it through possibly the hardest heat to ever go down in professional wakeboarding. They met up with Olivier Derome, Dean Smith, and Andrew Adkison in the finals.

The Pro Men final round was a complete shootout. All 6 riders rode super good and it was a great showcase for the fans, but it definitely made the judges earn their paychecks. After the smoke cleared and the live music came to an end the judges made their decision, and it was Bob Soven with his first win in a Pro Contest ever. Bob slayed it landing switch and regular crow 540’s, a toeside 900 and a heelside 720. Everything came together for the younger Soven and it came out on the top of the Podium.

Rusty Malinoski hit another switch toeside 1080 in the double up contest for the win, and during the kicker contest Bob Soven landed a massive indy backside 180 to take the top spot.


Bob Soven Wins PWT #4 in Colorado SpringsMasterCraft team rider Andrew Adkison backlips the trasfer box during the finals. Andrew had the best run of the season getting 2nd on the podium.

Bob Soven Wins PWT #4 in Colorado SpringsAdam Errington blasts this indy glide during the Rockstar Big Air kicker contest. He went on to get 3rd place in the kicker contest.

Bob Soven Wins PWT #4 in Colorado SpringsDanny Harf rotates this nose grab pete rose during the semis. Danny was apart of the self proclaimed hardest heat wakeboarding has ever seen.

Bob Soven Wins PWT #4 in Colorado SpringsDaniel Powers does a batwing during his run. Daniel went on to win his first Pro Tour stop ever in the Junior Pro Mens division.

Bob Soven Wins PWT #4 in Colorado SpringsDean Smith grabs cuss out of this Indy tantrum backside 360. Dean killed it all weekend making it into his first finals on the PWT this year.

Bob Soven Wins PWT #4 in Colorado SpringsPhil Soven lays this tail glide out into the flats during the finals.


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