For the first time, Beyond the Boundaries is partnering with Dew Tour for an all-women’s snowboard ride day at Copper Mountain. On Saturday, February 8th, Beyond the Boundaries’ crew of professional riders and experienced coaches will host an all-mountain shred session filled with big group groomer laps, learning trail tricks and new skills in the park in smaller groups, and having fun shredding in a casual, comfortable, and progressive environment. This one-of-a-kind learning experience is free to all snowboarding ladies who want to join in, and all you need is a lift ticket and to RSVP in advance. We’re excited to see you all on hill at Dew Tour at Copper Mountain February 6-9, 2020.

Add your name to the waitlist! As of December 19, 2019, the Beyond the Boundaries women’s ride day at Dew Tour Copper Mountain has reached 100 participants, maxing out capacity. Please, join the waitlist and be the first to know if and when spots open.

Beyond the Boundaries
Photo Credit: Walsh
Jacque Lammert

Here’s what to expect:

  • FREE, you’ll just need a valid lift ticket or Ikon Pass to join
  • 75 spots available
  • Professional riders and experienced coaches with a small coach-to-participant ratio.
  • Comfortable and casual riding environment for learning new things, meeting like-minded ladies, and shredding Copper Mountain.
  • No park experience is necessary to attend; the Ride Day is ideal for freestyle beginners as well as expert park rats.
  • There won’t be a private park, but we will utilize the existing park areas and do plenty of trail tricks. The riding won’t be as structured as weekend-long camps, but there will be a focus on trying new things, and coaches are there to provide tips and advice for new tricks, whether in the park or on the trails.
  • Plenty of laps as we take over the trails with a group of ripping women! (We ask that you are confident linking turns on blue trails in order to attend—hit us up with any questions at [email protected].)
Savannah Golden
Photo Credit: Walsh
Savannah Golden

Beyond the Boundaries is a freestyle-focused experience perfect for all park abilities of snowboarders. Whether you have never been in the park before or are already comfortable with park features, the Beyond the Boundaries staff offers professional snowboarders and coaching staff to provide guidance and advice. Build your confidence and dial in your skills with like-minded ladies in a friendly and fun learning environment.

Cori Stevens
Photo Credit: Walsh
Cori Stevens

Ride Day Schedule:

9 am – Meet at BTBounds flag in Dew Tour sponsor village

9 am-12 pm – Ride! We will head to the lifts for laps, riding together as well as breaking into smaller groups for more dedicated ride time

12-1:30 pm – Break for lunch and to watch the women’s street style rail jam (ski and snowboard)

1:30 pm – Meet back up at BTBounds flag in the sponsor village

1:30-3:30 pm – More riding!

3:30 pm – Apres at TBD village location. enjoy a beverage with the crew, as well as a raffle from BTBounds sponsors

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