Bets On One Champ for BMX Dirt and Park

BMX Dirt Final Highlights – Portland Invitational 2011

At next week’s Dew Tour Championships in Vegas, there’s Dew Cups up for grabs in BMX dirt and park, but one guy could take them both.

With the way they’ve been riding all season, chances are Dennis Enarson, Brett Banasiewicz or Kyle Baldock could walk away with a Cup in each hand.

Dennis Enarson has the best shot at making that a reality. As one of the least competitive guys out there, his natural abilities and positive attitude always land him on the podium.

“I’m psyched to be in top three because I don’t have to make finals,” Enarson said. “I get to relax. I can chill at the pool in Vegas.”

Bets On One Champ for BMX Dirt and Park
Dennis Enarson – BMX Park Finals

After a win in dirt to start off the season followed by second-place in Salt Lake, he’s leading the dirt charge and would win the Cup if he finishes either first or second in Vegas. In park rankings, he’s third overall and a win in Vegas would make him the park champ as long as Kyle Baldock finishes third at best.

Baldock, the Dew Tour rookie, has the slimmest chance of taking home the dirt Cup, but he’s the biggest contender in park. He’ll be the new park Champ if he finishes first or second in Vegas. At the start of the season, he was a relative unknown on the Dew Tour scene looking to make it through Open Qualifiers in park. Then he ended up winning the whole event.

Bets On One Champ for BMX Dirt and Park
Kyle Baldock – Double Backflip – BMX Dirt Finals

BMX Park Final Highlights – Pantech Open 2011

“I came in just to qualify for the year, that’s all I wanted to do,” Baldock said at the Pantech Open in July. “And to come here and come first in qualifiers, I couldn’t say anything. And to come in to finals and not have any expectations and to win it again, is crazy!”

His explosive riding carries over to dirt, where he throws down double back flips like they’re going out of style. He placed second in Portland, but didn’t podium in Salt Lake so it’s more of a long shot with dirt. But Baldock could take home the dirt Cup with a win and some poor results from his competitors Brandon Dosch, Enarson and Brett Banasiewicz.

Bets On One Champ for BMX Dirt and Park
Brett Banasiewicz – Cash Roll – BMX Dirt Finals

Banasiewicz narrowly missed the dirt Dew Cup last season after unleashing his cash roll and riding heads above the rest of the guys for most of the year. But by the end of the 2010 Tour he finished second to Dosch after their own battle in Vegas.

This year, the 16-year-old from Indiana is trailing Enarson in the dirt standings. Banasiewicz can take home the dirt Cup with a win in Vegas as long as Enarson finishes third or lower. For park, the Cup is his with a win as long as Enarson and Scotty Cranmer finish third or worse, and Baldock is no better than sixth.

After building his own skatepark this year, there’s no telling what Banasiewicz can unleash in Vegas, so anything is possible.

Bets On One Champ for BMX Dirt and Park
Scotty Cranmer – 360 Double Whip – BMX Park Finals

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