The first event of Saturday’s Dew Tour Celebration was the G.W.R. Am Park Finals. Brought to you by Nikita, they are shedding some much-needed light on all the girls coming up in bowls and parks all across the world.

Eight of the most promising young female skaters took their runs, nailed their tricks, and showed the world that womens’ skateboarding is on the rise.


  • Ten-year-old Carlin Makibbin brought her A-Game, with inverts over the hip and a rarely seen boneless to fakie.
  • It was early in the morning, but the deck of the Dew Tour Park Course was a veritable who’s who of skateboarding royalty. Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, and Andrew Reynolds all were keeping an eye on the bright, bright future of skateboarding.
  • Last night, when everyone was party-skating, Susie Heath was work-skating. She ripped the park course for hours, finding and dialing her lines, and he hard work paid off. Look for a lot more from her in the future.
  • Karen Muto came from Japan, and is Team Hosoi approved. Not surprisingly, she nailed a stylish sweeper over the hip, and airs all over the course.
  • This contest got international when Camilla Borges showed up from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She nailed a boneless to disaster on the Stanley Plexiglas extension.
  • Bella Kenworthy stood tall on frontside 5050s across the tall wall, aired into the Stanley wall, and nailed the only blunt fakie I’ve seen all weekend long!
  • Houston, Texas’ Jordan Santana was taken out on a stretcher yesterday, but returned to lipslide through the shallow end, and blast all over the park.
  • Stella Reynolds started her runs with frontside lipslides on the extension, and crushed the course with fully decked rock & rolls, and ended her runs trying kickflips on the tall wall.

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