The Dew Tour Team Challenge is back for its third season, allowing some of the biggest ski brands in the industry to compete in a format that highlights their team’s versatility on the Dew Tour courses. Each brand brings forth four athletes, one to work as a team captain and the remaining three team members to compete respectively in pipe, jumps, and jib. It is judged on a combined score of the three sections, and is guaranteed to be a show.
Words by Laura Obermeyer

With the Team Challenge being centered around collective efforts, it offers an atmosphere truly unique to the contest, as it shines light on athletes that don’t necessarily showcase their talents in this kind of environment on a frequent basis. It brings a mix of insane talent, each team ranging from legends like Tanner Hall, who dropped from competing in pipe and left the job to seasoned halfpipe champion Torin Yater-Wallace, to up and comers like Hunter Hess. Regardless of experience, they were all there to hype each other up and support the goal of having fun and getting to the podium.

The modified superpipe acted as an invitation for creativity. Miguel Porteous put down a sick run, with a clean dub 12 that was particularly high scoring. This slid him into first place, and put the Atomic Team off to a great start. Torin Yater-Wallace brought some sick style for the Armada Team, trailing just behind Porteous and Atomic. Despite a few low scores for some, there was still hope for the jump and jib sections.

“Its really cool to get creative with your run, to come here and ski such a fun course is pretty epic”-Miguel Porteous

Swiss skier Fabian Bosch kept the momentum going for Atomic, going huge and technical on the jump line sticking the first place position with a dub 16. Evan McEachran followed behind Bosch on Head Skis, and Mac Forehand from Faction had a notable switch dub 12 with a tweaked mute grab that was both a crowd and judge pleaser.

Both Gus Kenworthy and Alex Hall put down some insane runs on the rails section, with some heavy spins, tap, and transfer variations. Alex Hall put Faction in second, and Jesper Tjader secured the third place for Head.

“Our sports individual, other than the Olympics where you are representing your country, this is one of the only opportunities to compete for someone other than yourself.”-Gus Kenworthy

Atomic’s team of Miguel Porteous, Fabian Bosch, and Gus Kenworthy took the top spot on the podium this year, with undeniable talent from each team member that is certainly reflective of the stacked team that Atomic claims.

1.) Atomic, 260.34
2.) Faction, 255.57
3.) Head, 242.34
4.) Volkl, 238.00
5.) Armada, 229.34
6.) K2, 223.00

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