Anto Chamberland Named Nike Chosen One

The Nike Chosen event lit up the night sky of Breckenridge, Colorado and brought together the best amateur snowboarders for an anything goes rail session. There were crazy tricks and carnage all night long on the custom designed course while the dj pumped out tunes and fog and strobe lights set the mood.

Canadian rider Anto Chamberland, 23, hails from Montreal. He came to Breckenridge for the first time to warm up pre-season, and entered the Nike Chosen event.

“It’s really street style so it’s pretty awesome,” Chamberland said. “That’s what I like a lot. That’s what’s the best. It’s urban. It’s cool.”

The setup had two rails and a hubba that finished into an ice wall ride. Chamberland stuck to the middle rail and his tech tricks were what named him the Chosen winner and he was awarded $3,500. He threw down with a backside 270 on one run, a cab 270 lipslide and cab 270 and frontside 270.

“Breckenridge is awesome,” Chamberland said. “This is my first time here and the vibe is crazy. People are loving snowboarding. And there are good riders. It was crazy tonight. Super good finals. I was not sure I was going to win, there were so many good riders here. Thanks to Nike for putting this good event on.”

Other awards were the Best Wallride which went to Hans Mindnich for his one footed backside 360, that he called “fancy footwork.” He got a check for $500. Best style when to Madison Blackley and Best Trick went to Scotty Vine for his frontside 3.

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