Andy Buckworth Wins his First BMX Park Final

BMX Park has been a staple of the Dew Tour Beach Championships in Ocean City, MD and this year’s crowd came out in full to see the best in BMX battle it out in the sand for the fourth consecutive year. With the help of Garrett Reynolds and Dennis Enarson, athletes and the Dew Tour staff came up with a fresh new course design that gave way to impressive runs with wallrides and spine lines adding to the traditional box jump and ramp setups.

This year, the top twenty riders from around the world competed in the semifinal before the field was cut in half for today’s final. Looking back on the semifinal is was all about the Aussies as Andy Buckworth, Kyle Baldock and Logan Martin held down the top three spots when it was said and done. However, the final proved to be an international affair as the rest of the riders put everything they had into their final three runs of the event.

Moment of Suspense:

The entire final was absolutely nuts and every rider stepped their game up run after run, but the most suspenseful moment of the event was when the final run of the day had come to end. Buckworth earned the privilege of being the last rider to go and following his crazy run that already had the crowd on their feet and screaming he went for one final trick — the double flair.

What would have been the first-ever make in a BMX park event Buckworth saved for icing on the cake, but before he could give it a second attempt for the crowd the announcement came in that he had won the event and he was overcome with excitement.

Top Tricks:

Ryan Nyquist – 270 spin over a giant gap that the rest of the field would only air, a 540 double barspin and a backflip double barspin. Dennis Enarson – downside pedal pick on the metal sub-box and a switch tailwhip over the box jump. Logan Martin –  flair tailwhip and a double backflip over the box jump. Kyle Baldock – flair whip, triple whip over hip, and a frontflip tailwhip up the step up.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Andy Buckworth – No-hander double backflip over the box jump, double backflip over spine, and, of course, his signature trick the handplant flip over the spine.

Winner’s Quote:

“This is absolutely insane… I’ve just been battling injury after injury and defeat after defeat. Last year I came here right off the Nitro Circus tour with no park practice but came out and qualified first and thought, “This is insane. This could happen right now.” Then, on my last run I slipped my pedals, Nyquist took it and I finished fourth.

This year coming out on an all-new course I was pretty nervous, but I just did what I could do and the judges seemed to like it. I’m just ecstatic right now. I’m over the moon.” — Andy Buckworth

Andy Buckworth Wins his First BMX Park Final


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