Alli After Dark Closes Out Dew Tour

As the Dew Tour progressed into the weekend, so did the nightlife, climaxing, if you will on Saturday Night. After all, by Saturday the athletes earned the right after risking life and limb to the amazement of not only Chicago BMX fans but also nationwide viewers watching on TV.

joesAll of the weekend’s Alli After Dark events were fueled by the fine folks at Jameson and Absolut. You know with Jameson and Absolut flowing, the very worst that’s going to happen is that everyone is one going to have a great time. Wait, I digress, getting back to the scene of Friday night’s festivities, Joe’s Bar in downtown Chicago.

Since Saturday was the big day – finals, things were pretty family friendly at Joe’s. Good friends kickin’, chillin’, catching up. Joe’s was a good place to do that especially since Alli had a room dedicated to the Dew Tour athletes. The athletes and guest could chill in their private space or head out and shred the dance floor with the “normal people.” Needless to say, lots of funky chicken white boy dancing and smiles were witnessed on the dance floor. Chicago has some serious nightlife so witnessing the athletes mixing with the locals was a blast.


Saturday night was a different story altogether, the gloves certainly came off. The finals were over and the athletes had nothing to do the next day but head home. No TV cameras in their faces, no autographs to sign, and no fans asking if they can have their bikes. It was time to party, cover the pain of the injuries and spend the prize money. Not that fans or TV are bad, they keep the sport going, but it’s always nice when the pressure is finally off.

rockitRockit Bar, located near the hallowed grounds of Wrigley Field, was the site of the final night of Alli After Dark festivities. By the way, it’s fun to pretend like you don’t know what Wrigley field is or who the Chicago Cubs are while in Chicago but that’s a different story entirely. 

Many of bicycle riding’s upper echelon attended the event at Joes, names you might know like Daniel Dhers, Garrett Reynolds, Mike Spinner, Dennis Enarson and more. If you throw in the up and comers and legends like Koji Kraft AND all the friends, girlfriends, fans, bmx industry people, you know the house was rockin.

No one left before 2 a.m. Eventually a group of people moved to an un-official after after party at a place called Evil Olive, an amazing spot with amazing music. Things rolled well into the morning, since the place was open till 5 a.m. People got loose, so loose we can’t show all the pictures.

spinner porter

At some point it has to end, if it’s 5 a.m you should be doing one of four things; sleeping, getting up for work, hooking up or seeking out an AA meeting. Regardless of what any of the Alli After Dark participants were doing at 5 a.m Sunday morning, it’s safe to say pretty much all of them had fun.

Thanks to hardworking Alli staff member Lisa Fruggerio for setting it all up and contributing photos. Thanks to all the great fans of Chicago, all the official hosts of the Alli After Dark weekend; District Bar, Joe’s Bar and Rockit and of course thanks to the reason everyone was there in the first place, the amazing athletes.

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