Alec Majerus Wins Overall Skate Best Trick

Following a two-year hiatus, Dew Tour made its grand return to Portland, Oregon and kicking off the weekend’s festivities at the Toyota City Championships was the quintessential Skate Best Trick event.

Taking over the 10-stair set and hubba on the streetstyle course, athletes opened the event with an introductory trick for the crowd before proceeding to skate one at a time in any order for a 30-minute jam session. With judges looking at the overall impression, both an overall top dog as well as a single best trick winner was announced.

Top Tricks:

Jordan Hoffart – kickflip over the bank, heelflip over the bank, varial heelflip the stairs and frontside bigspin to boardslide. Boo Johnson – nosegrind on the rail. Keelan Dadd – crooked grind on the rail and front nosegrind on the hubba. Manny Santiago – kickflip front 50-50, kickflip backside 50-50 on the hubba, front shove-it on the hubba and impossible to lipslide. Garrett Hill – snapped his borad into his hand before jumping onto the rail and cavemanning off and a massive pop shove-it over the rail. Kelvin Hoefler – nollie front feeble, nollie back overcrook, kickflip crooked on the hubba, kickflip back lipslide, kickflip back tailslide to fakie on the hubba and a nollie frontside bluntslide to fakie on the rail.

Best Trick of the Event:

The best trick of the entire session was without a doubt Kelvin’s nollie frontside bluntslide to fakie. Despite the crazy sounds from the crowds and intense energy felt between all of the skaters, he pulled it as smooth as possible.

Moment of Chaos:

If you were to ask any skater, they’d probably say the entire thing but if you were to ask the overall winner, Alec Majerus, he’d tell you it was the final minute. 

“At the end it was crazy! Everyone was just running at it and going for it at the same time,” said Alec once the chaos had settled down.

Winner’s Top Tricks:

Alec Majerus – frontside hurricane on the rail, frontside feeble to front 180 out, backside 270 lipslide, switch 270 lipslide and a backside noseblunt on the hubba ledge.  


Alec Majerus Wins Overall Skate Best Trick

Winner’s Quote:

“I just tried to stay calm, land all my tricks and treat it like a regular session,” said the cool, calm and collected Alec after the event. Alec went on to give a shout out to a special someone in the crowd that surely helped him keep his cool, “my mom is here with me, shout out to her!”

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