After Dark in Breckenridge

After Dark in Breckenridge

Whoa—the day’s over but where are you going? The party continues with After Dark, where folks can check out a smattering of bands playing live shows and plenty in the way of happy hours and libations. Check out these local partners and Allisports. com for more info:

Friday, Dec 19 – Salt Creek Steakhouse
Napper Tandy’s Irish Pub
100 Lincoln Avenue (970) 453-4949

$2 PBR’s
DJ Set by Nathaniel Motte of 3OH!3

Salt Creek looks like it was built with giant Lincoln logs. In addition to a full bar, this cozy place boasts an extensive wine list and a top-notch steak menu. Our pick? The Elk London Broil. Also visit Nappy Tandy’s, the spacious pub upstairs for its panoramic views.

Saturday, Dec 20 – Three20South
320 South Main Street (970) 547-5320

$2 PBR’s
$3 Jager
Live Music by Savage Henry

Three20south is the premiere place to see live music in Summit County. We always appreciate a very solid sound system, sure to amplify, equalize, and showcase the music at the Winter Dew Tour parties.

Sunday, Dec 21 – Cecilia’s Martini Bar
520 South Main Street (970) 453-2243

$3 Tall Boys (PBR)
$3 Fris Vodka Drinks
DJ Set by Star Power and other local guests DJ’s

Breck kids love this venue for its “Power Hour,” when they suck down dollar drinks each Monday and Friday. The rub? The dollar deal is “locals only”.

Plus Drink Specials All Week Long At. . .
Burke Riley’s Irish Pub
Liquid Lounge
Jake’s Dive Bar

Dew Tour Music Series at the Riverwalk Ampitheater Presented by Verizon Wireless

Friday 7-9pm – All American Rejects and 3OH!3

All American Rejects
With an album-release date just a few days before their show at the Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, The All-American Rejects are gonna give spectators dibs on their latest ditties. If the Alternative Press’s listing their latest LP (When the World Comes Down) as one of the most-anticipated albums of 2008 is any indication, this multi-platinum power pop group from Stillwater, Oklahoma, is gonna rock Breck something fierce. The charm of this quartet is found in the way they capture intense romantic feelings and crystallize them in song. Sure, maybe we’ve gotten over break-ups that once seemed apocalyptic, but it’s always fun to get revisit those very raw moments of our lives.

Uh, have you heard these two cads? Kids are either totally oblivious to these two University of Colorado graduates-cum-“rap” stars, or they’re front-and-center at their shows, whipping off their matching wife-beaters and whooping it up. See, political-incorrectness and poor taste are the modus operandi of delinquents Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte. This year’s sophomore album Want [Photo Finish Records] is rife with barely quotable lyricism (“I said shush girl, shut your lips / Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips”), which they serve up with Lil Jon impersonations, Gym Class Heroes-y crooning, and a scuzzy mix of Crunk and Electronica. Oh, and the meaning behind their alphanumeric name? It’s the OG Colorado area code.

Saturday 4-6pm – Savoy and MTHDS

Reggae gets a bad rap sometimes, and that’s why we’re glad MTHDS are here to straighten things out. MTHDS, or “Music That Heightens Different Senses,” or, as the Denver/Vail duo is known by their snowboard fans, “The Methods” (like the grab), make groovy tunes called “Riot Joint” and “Pritty Slizzies” and “Time to Ride.” MTHDS should change their name to “Music That Heightens Different (levels of) Stoke”, because that’s pretty much what they’re doing for us.

Okay, I was really confused writing this blurb because there are two bands called Savoy— there’s these guys from Boulder, Colorado, and then there’s the band of the guy from a-ha (remember that song “Take on Me”?). Instead of warm layers of pretty music, these guys specialize in creating great fodder for dirty dancing. Seriously. If Dirty Dancing was a contemporary movie, this is the stuff Patrick Swayze would be championing. They’re especially fond of remixing their heroes like Clipse, Beastie Boys and The Killers, and they really make it work.

Sunday 1-3pm – People Under The Stairs and DJ Chonz

People Under The Stairs
We’re really hyped for this rap duo: People Under the Stairs, the moniker two LA B-Boys, Thes One and Double K, shoulder like a big flag that stands for great hip-hop. The group, also known as PUTS, has released four albums since 1998, and have since put out a record every two years, with the exception of 2004. PUTS is great because they exercise the fun, let’s-have-a-party-type of hip-hop that sometimes gets overlooked. For their hard work, PUTS has earned a lot of credibility with hip-hop purists, who tend to not have much of a problem when PUTS gets compared to A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, and fellow Los Angeles group Ugly Duckling. PUTS is also renowned for their live shows, which feature a large amount of crowd interaction and hi-jinx. Hooray!

DJ Chonz
In 2001 DJ Chonz drummed up a lot of buzz when he began as the House DJ for the “Radio Bums Mixtape Show ”on Denver’s KS107.5. The program directors at the station dug Chonz’s work on the turntables so much they asked him to spin during the Friday and Saturday dance parties. That weekend gig led to the creation of the “Traffic Jam”, a daily afternoon slot where he spins and mixes an hour of commercial-free music. Although the deejay is sometimes criticized by hip-hop elitists for playing music that a corporation tells him to play, Chonz basically just says “whatever” and puts his shades on. Now with the success of his record pool, his daily one-hour “Traffic Jam” slot on KS107.5, his underground hip-hop radio program, “The Mixtape Show”, and side-gigs in promotion and marketing, DJ Chonz is pretty much running things. Hi haters!


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