Adam Jones 2012 FMX City Champ

The new Dew Tour opened up it’s San Francisco Toyota City Championships with a brand new FMX Triple Threat competition developed by none other than FMX’s Carey Hart. This new style of FMX competition combines three rider and crowd favorites whips, flips and upright tricks with no inverts allowed. To top it all off, the venue’s location sits directly in front of City Hall with approximately 11,250 yards of dirt shaped into the FMX landing. “It doesn’t get much more city than this,” said Hart when referencing the venue.

Once all the whips were tallied, flips ranked and uprights scored the combined points winner was Adam Jones. Despite leading leading the entire competition, Jones said that with every trick he threw he had something to worry about. “My first trick landing with no hands, my whips aren’t the really the best. My first trick was a no-hander shaolin, to McMetz, to a no-hander lander. Then, I whipped like everyone else, but I finished with a double grab backflip.” 

Adam Jones 2012 FMX City Champ

Adam Jones

Coming in second was Takayuki Higashino who has become a crowd favorite over recent years with his explosive style and lively personality. Despite coming in second Taka endedhis evening with big smiles and enthusiasm for the venue. “I’m feelin’ good and [the venue] is sick!” Taka fired out as he hopped off the podium.

Adam Jones 2012 FMX City Champ

Rounding off the top three was Wes Agee who left the night not only happy with his end result but excited about this unique format. Speaking to the format, Agee mentioned his appreciation for the variety required, “I think that this format brings out more consistent riders, not just the guys who practice in the foam pits all year for best trick.”

Adam Jones 2012 FMX City Champ


1st Place – Adam Jones 91.10

2nd Place – Wes Agee 88.63

3rd Place -Takayuki Higashino 86.23

4th Place – Kyle Loza 85.57

5th Place – Javier Villegas 85.53

6th Place – Todd Potter 84.75

7th Place – Blake Williams 84.70

8th Place – Lance Coury 84.30

9th Place – Derek Garland 84.00

10th Place – Mike Mason DNS

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