Active Ride Shop team wins Battle of the Shops at Dew Tour

Dominick Walker winning it for Active Ride Shop. Photo: Durso

Dylan Williams, Dominick Walker, and Tre Williams won the TransWorld SKATEboarding x Bones Love Milk “Battle of the Shops” on Saturday, representing for Active Ride Shop.

Cordon Russel repping Sun Diego handling a bigspin front board down the Boost Mobile rails. Photo: Ferra
Bobby_lunetta_sun_diego_bones_loves_milk_team_long_beach_durso 3
Bobby Lunetta holding it down for Sun Diego in the rail section. Photo: Durso

The team from Sun Diego Boardshop – Angel Gutierrez, Bobby Lunetta, Cordon Russel – took second, ahead of DJ Martin, Jorge Torres, and Alexis Ramirez, representing for Slappy’s Garage. Teams from Long Beach Skate and Pharmacy Board Shop also competed.

Tre_williams_active_bones_loves_milk_team_long_beach_durso 4
Tre Williams frontside bluntslide like a boss on the Boost rails. Photo: Durso

Each shop fielded a three-man team for the contest, which was divided into three sections – Tech, Hubba, Rails – on the Dew Tour Street course.

Angel Gutierrez, backside Smith through the long corner ledge. Photo: Ferra

Dylan Williams’ crooked grind to nollie heel flip around the curved ledge was a highlight of the 10-minute jam session in the Tech section. Dominick Walker’s kickflip nosegrind and high-speed gap to nosegrind helped make him a dominator on the Hubba ledges. And Tre Williams was the star of the Rails session, with big tricks like a nollie front crook down the 8-stair handrail.

Kickflip back 50 from SD local celeb Alexis Ramirez. Photo: Ferra
DJ Martin, catching his kickflip high above before stomping on the rail. Photo: Durso
Dominick Walker, a seven-year member of the Active Ride Shop team, was quick to share credit with his competitors after the contest.
Dylan Williams locked and loaded into a hurricane. Photo: Ferra
Jorge Torres getting props on the 360 flip upon entering the hubba. Photo: Durso

“All the other shops killed it,” Walker said. “Those dudes were neck and neck with us. I guess somebody has to win and I’m stoked Active won, but I’m also super stoked some other teams got paid some money today. Props all around: the skating out here today was incredible.”

Active Ride Shop has seven locations around Los Angeles, including its shop in Long Beach.

Active Ride Shop team riders Dylan Williams, Dominick Walker, and Tre Williams. Photo: Ortiz


1.) Active Ride Shop
2.) Sun Diego Boarshop
3.) Slappy’s Garage

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