Agenda, the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world has teamed up with legendary skateboarder Mark Gonzales. The modern street skateboard innovator and renowned artist­ curated a one of a kind collaboration for this Summer’s Agenda Festival. The ten-piece limited-edition collection includes T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tote bags, skate decks, and more.

Summer 2018 Agenda x Mark Gonzales three piece skateboard series.

“Really excited too partner up with agenda what we have planned for this year,” says Gonzales. “…should excite people.” It’s worth mentioning that Gonzales wanted his aforementioned quote to run authentically with his typos.

The limited edition collection will be available at the Agenda Festival in Long Beach, California on June 30th, 2018 at 11am pst, while supplies last.

Mark Gonzales adding flair to a piece in his studio.

Dew Tour teamed up with Agenda to throw one of the top events of the summer in Long Beach, CA. Dew Tour will be free and open to the public June 28-July 1. Get your tickets to Agenda Fest now!

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