10-Year-Old Tops Out in Women’s Park Open Qualifier, Dew Tour Long Beach 2019

Out of 35 women from 17 countries, only the top 14 advanced to Quarter Final.

Womens park qualifier
First place winner Sky Brown blasting off a no-comply on the mellow bank. Photo: Durso

Thirty-five women from 17 countries kickstarted Dew Tour Long Beach 2019 with the Women’s Park Open Qualifier as the first official competition. Marking the first-ever Olympic qualifying event for skateboarding in the United States, this year’s skateboard contests took on an all-new format and welcomed many new faces.

Taking second place in the women’s park qualifier is Allysha Le who is representing the Philippines. Photo: Dangaard

The international field of women were broken into 13 groups of three, with each group given a three-minute jam session for the ladies to leave the best overall impression on the judges. Only the top 14 women advanced to the Quarter Final, slated to run as the last contest of the day.

Victoria_de souza bassi_womens_qualifier_park_long_beach_durso
Victoria De Souza Bassi charging to make the transfer from the lower hip up to the bank extension. Photo: durso
Close up of Spender Breaux scraping a feeble through the deep end. Photo: Dangaard

The crowd for the first event was intimate with only invited athletes and industry guests allowed access. Mixed in among the many proud parents was The Boss himself, Andrew Reynolds, watching his daughter, Stella, in action. Despite not advancing, Stella proved her father proud.

Sky_brown_womens_qualifier_park_long_beach_durso 4
Legendary skater Christian Hosoi giving props to first place winner Sky Brown. Photo: Dangaard
Mei Sugawara hanging high above the pool coping. Photo: Durso

Leading the ladies out of the Park Open Qualifier was the youngest rider of the group, Sky Brown, representing Great Britain at just 10 years old. Brown not only wowed the judges with her riding, she did it with a freshly broken arm.

Lilly Stoephasius plants one down. Photo: Durso
Kody Tamanaha with a stylish indy! Photo: Durso

Rounding out the advancing group of 14 was Kody Tamanaha,15, skating for USA. Tamanaha was officially turned pro the night before for Hosoi skateboards, and her result further validated that decision.

Jordan Santana hucking and holding onto a lipslide. Photo: Durso
Charlotte Heath dipping a frontside Smith. Photo: Dangaard

“It is incredible to see the level of skateboarding the women are bringing today,” said Christian Hosoi, as he watched his newly pro rider skate. “To announce the pro ranks for Team Hosoi of Kody Tamanaha last night, it was an honor for me to be a part of and support the women skateboarding industry… I’m very proud of Kody and how she performed.”

Arianna Carmona caught mid-air before slamming down her board for a lipslide. Photo: Dangaard

Women’s Park Open Qualifier Results 

1.) Sky Brown, GBR 42.66
2.) Allysha Le, PHI 40.66
3.) Spencer Breaux, USA 37.66
4.) Jordan Santana, USA 37.00
5.) Madeleine Larcheron, FRA 36.00
6.) Arianna Carmona, USA 35.00
7.) Mei Sugawara, JPN 34.50
8.) Lilly Stoephasius, GER 31.50
9.) Bella Kenworthy, USA 30.00
10.) Amelia Brodka, POL 29.66
11.) Victoria De Souza Bassi, BRA 27.66
12.) Mion Kamimura, JPN 25.00
13.) Charlotte Heath, AUS 24.33
14.) Kody Tamanaha, USA 23.00

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